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Changing the World’s View of Autism

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A Few of Our Favorite Perks

We're one week into our Indiegogo campaign that will fund our next autism story app, Mighty League Vol. 2: The Terrible Taunting. This is our next step for our 501c3 charity. When you contribute, you will be expanding our app library for autism … [Read More...]

Zoom Autism Magazine

Zoom Autism Magazine | Fall 2014

Zoom Autism Magazine is Here!

Three women came together…Sharon Fuentes, a writer, Jodi Murphy, a storyteller, and Sharon Cummings, a changer of laws…three different women but united in one cause, one passion and one mission: To change the way the world views autism. Welcome to our premiere issue of Zoom Magazine, Autism through many lenses, the digital magazine whose mission […]

Curious Interviews


Melissa and Max
The Puzzling Piece

**Don't forget to go to the end of this article and enter to win The Puzzling Piece "Acceptance from a different Angle" necklace.** Melissa Winter is a vibrant, positive force of nature when it comes to her family and her autism advocacy. Her oldest son, Max, is autistic and she and her husband do … [Read More...]

Penfriend Project


What’s One More?

By Cyndi Frisch In life there are very few spoken words that are truly life changing. Thirty eight years ago I stood in front of family, friends and God and promised to love my husband until death do us part. I said 'I do' and I still do. Those … [Read More...]