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Changing the World’s View of Autism

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Valued: Making the World
an Inclusive Place

By Elaine Dai [Tweet "Valued and included starts with valuing and including, and that's something ALL of us can do http://igg.me/at/autism-story-app"] I read an article today about Gap’s new ad for its autumn kids’ collection, which … [Read More...]

Zoom Autism Magazine

Zoom Autism Magazine | Fall 2014

Zoom Autism Magazine is Here!

Three women came together…Sharon Fuentes, a writer, Jodi Murphy, a storyteller, and Sharon Cummings, a changer of laws…three different women but united in one cause, one passion and one mission: To change the way the world views autism. Welcome to our premiere issue of Zoom Magazine, Autism through many lenses, the digital magazine whose mission […]

Curious Interviews


My Big Brother Bobby
Understanding Anger

Rebecca Dauer is a self-published children's author. Her work is focused on  helping siblings of children with emotional and physical challenges. She is a member of the Independent Book Publishing Association and currently lives in Forrest Hills, New York. I caught up with her to discuss her first … [Read More...]

Penfriend Project


Episode 1:
When Did You Find Out?

Welcome to Episode 1 of Jame's Sullivan's 'Tud' Sense! Part one you'll find out how James learned that he is an Aspergian. I just know that you'll  find his answers candid, articulate and witty. Part two, James shares his tude views about a book, … [Read More...]