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creative paths to employment

Creative Paths to Employment

School's over (and not just for the summer) and your child has aged out of services. What's next? And what happens when it comes time for a career? Yes, a career and not just a job but doing work that is meaningful where your child can contribute their talents and abilities to the world. THIS is the question that my friend Sharon Cummings and I … [Read More...]

Changing the World’s View of Autism

What’s in a Name?

Geek Club Books Etymology Web



Autimism: We’ve Only Just Begun!

Scroll down for our giveaway for iPad Mini, Nexus 7 tablet, gift cards and goodies. By Jodi Murphy One month. In one year. The positive autism movement began! Autimism (rhymes with optimism) an … [Read More...]

Mighty League Kids


Josiah, Aqua Wonder Boy!

Meet Josiah, Aqua Wonder Boy!  Josiah was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (autism) when he was 21 months old and when he discovered the water...well, there's just no stopping this little fish! More than aquatic, Josiah has a memory like an elephant (he never forgets a thing!) and he's one caring, cuddly little boy. Follow his aquaventures and more on his FACEBOOK PAGE: Just Josiah J. - Autism Adventures. … [Read More...]

Curious Interviews


Understanding Female Autism

Tania A. Marshall, M.Sc. is a published author and psychologist who spends her professional time divided between private practice, research and writing. She works in the area of child psychology and … [Read More...]

Penfriend Project


Do You Believe in Magic?

I do.  In fact, I don't just believe in it… I live my life in a constant state of a kind of magical joy that most adults seem to leave behind in childhood.  I find reasons to be excited in everything from trips to the post office (I like to check out what new prints they have for packing options) to working on my Master's thesis (which allows me to write about my favorite topic).  There are … [Read More...]