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Hidden away in our secret geek cave, with only pen, paper and a really good mic, our Geek Club Books’ team created the concept of Dorktales: Classic Storytelling with a Geekish Twist, banged out an original script (name drop: Karen Simpson Gardiner), and recorded our first dorky tale, “The Three…Hogs?!” (name drops: Jonathan Murphy and Michael Meyer). Our intention? Make audio stories to entertain kids and make parents giggle.

But clever Jackie Gove Bryla, Speech Language Pathology Assistant at Roseville School District, heard something more!

The moment I heard the story, I knew I could use it with my speech/language kiddos.

According to Jackie, there are so many ways to use this audio story…to open up the topic of pragmatics; interrupting, complimenting, being a know-it-all, fun teasing vs. mean teasing just to start. She’s also using it for retelling. “I love that it is only audio so that the students can work on listening skills too. But the story itself lends nicely to sequencing (first, next, then or first, second, third, beginning, middle, end).”

Using the Draw and Tell HD app from Duck Duck Moose, she had one of her 9 year old “kiddos” draw and record what he heard. Check out his enchanting pictures of Porky and his straw house…the wolf blowing it down…Percy and his stick house (epic, man!) and dork-hero, Peregrin and his rather practical brick house.

Dorktales for Speech Therapy
Check out Jackie Gove Bryla’s ACT – Apps, Consulting, & Training on Facebook.

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