Peregrin’s Brick House

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If Peregrin, the dorky hero in Dorktales: The Three Little…Hogs?!, was real and had a real home, we think that this would be it! Stylish, practical, and a bit of greenery…

Click to play the song to get you in the “brick house” spirit! Then read this scene and let us know if you agree that this is Peregrin’s place.

JONATHAN:  Well the last little, erm, hedgehog was VERY smart.  He was so smart that you could barely understand what he was saying when he was talking!  And he kept walking until he met a man that was selling…can anyone guess?  That’s right!  Bricks!

PEREGRIN: By my calculations, a two story brownstone with gothic porticos and a hearth capable of cooking will require 5,432 bricks of this size.  I will take them.


PEREGRIN: In other words, you need a lot of bricks to build a big house.

JONATHAN: And that’s what the last little hedgehog did.  Except, he decided to subcontract so he didn’t have to get his hooves…

MR. REDGE: Ahem!

JONATHAN: I mean PAWS dirty.

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Image courtesy of dotpolka via Flickr creative commons

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