Dorktales “Little Red” Preview

Dorktales: Little Red Audio Story

La, la-la, la-la! That’s only the preview! Written by Karen Simpson Gardiner, our dorkteller, Jonathan Murphy, is joined by none other than Grady the Geekosaur, our Geek Club Books mascot, to tell the tale of Little Red. You know, the one about the little girl in the beautiful red cloak who out foxes the big bad wolf? Well forget that one and think ninja granny with a stealthy rescue plan.

“We have had to listen to Dorktales pretty much non stop! My oldest son has totally fallen in love with it. I tried to pin down what he liked in particular but he just says it is funny. He now knows a lot of the words by heart. And now my two year old is now quoting the story too…you have taken over our house!”
Stephanie Arsoska, Storybramble

The full version is available on CD or via Tales2Go.

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About Jodi Murphy

I am the founder of Geek Club Books, autism storytelling through mobile apps for awareness, acceptance and understanding. My mission is to use the art of storytelling and technology to entertain and educate for the social good. I am a 'positive' autism advocate, mother of an awesome adult on the autism spectrum, lifestyle journalist, and marketing specialist.


  1. Joan E. Dieball says:

    You’ve got me intrigued, now I’ll have to go into the Geek Club to hear the whole story.

  2. Joan E. Dieball says:

    Well I was finally able to hear the whole story of “Little Red Ridinghood”. It was so good and extremely funny, I’m still smiling at the great humor. Children will love this goofy version, written and acted out superbly.

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