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Geek of the Week

SUPER-HERO ALTER EGO: Iron Man (Tony Stark)

THEME SONG: Celebration- Kool and the Gang

BOOK YOU COULDN’T PUT DOWN ‘TIL YOU FINISHED IT: Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss. I am an extremely slow reader, so even when I really love a book, like The Great Gatsby, I have to take lots of breaks. But Green Eggs and Ham basically reads itself and has such a great message.

MOVIE YOU COULD WATCH OVER & OVER: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey, perhaps the greatest voice and facial actor of our time. I have actually watched this movie so many times that I can quote about 75 percent of it. I am a sucker for one-liners, and Jim Carrey keeps them coming in this one. I use monologues from this movie when I audition for plays and musicals. Unprofessional? Definitely. But the director might just remember that guy who did the Grinch routine.

COULD SPEND 24/7: Playing ball with my family and dog. Any kind of ball. Lately it has been lots of tennis and soccer.

LUCKY CHARM: That’s got to be my pooch, Scottie. What a guy.

FAVORITE STAR TREK CAPTAIN: Easy, Picard is the man. But, honorable mention to Khan. No, he was not one of “the captains”, but Ricardo Montalban plays the best villain in all of the Star Trek universe.

CARTOON CHARACTER YOU’D WANT TO SPEND THE AFTERNOON WITH? Tigger. I want to know where he gets the energy. Plus, I would love to bounce off some walls with him for a while. The guy knows how to have a good time. He’s also the only one of his species left, so there is a novelty factor in that.

WHERE WOULD YOU LIVE IN MIDDLE EARTH? The quiet coastal town of Gondor. Preferably West Gondor, as the neighborhoods in the east side are a little shady.

HIDDEN GEEKISH PLEASURE: Superheroes! Okay maybe it is not so hidden, but I didn’t really know much about comic book superheroes until the past couple years. The Avengers are my favorite so far. Batman worries me too much. I keep believing that he is actually dead. Oh, I do love the old Batman and Robin tv series though! That has got to be my ultimate hidden geeky pleasure.

SNACK CRAVING: The snack that smiles back until you bite its head off! Goldfish!

FANTASY OR SCI FI? Which is Iron Man? I’d like to believe it is currently science fiction, and hopefully in 10 years or so we can drop the “fiction” part of it.


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