Review: The Asperkid’s Game Plan


Jodi Murphy
Jennifer O’Toole wins again with The Asperkid’s Game Plan, and so do we−the teachers, parents, and clinicians who are looking for ways to be better communicators and educators for our special children. Every child wants to learn, especially those on the autism spectrum, and it’s up to us to reach and teach them using methods that will foster their unique abilities and learning strengths. Jennifer’s ‘Game Plan’ is insightful, empowering, and packed full of purposeful play activities that are easy to do and mind-blowingly fun!


  • There are over 100 original games and activities to engage children and make learning fun.
  • Fun activities for anxiety management, problem-solving, team building, relationships, flexible thinking and more.
  • All activities originate from Jennifer O’ Toole an Asperger adult, and have been ‘field-tested’ by her children, also on the autism spectrum.
  • The Snapshot-Sized Fun sections at the end of each chapter were great for at-a-glance views.
  • Jennifer approaches learning from a sense of wonder and play! You don’t have to be a kid on the autism spectrum to learn from her hands-on, learn-by-doing teaching style.


  • I would like to suggest that the publishers lay out the book using larger, full page images as well as more step-by-step images and/or diagrams.


Jennifer O’ Toole is an Aspie rock-star-mom-teacher who knows how to tap into our children’s natural curiosities and extraordinary minds! This almost 250 page reference guide will never gather dust on a shelf…there are so many ways to use it to ‘Game Plan’ your child’s learning success.


Mighty League Moms

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I am the founder of Geek Club Books, autism storytelling through mobile apps for awareness, acceptance and understanding. My mission is to use the art of storytelling and technology to entertain and educate for the social good. I am a 'positive' autism advocate, mother of an awesome adult on the autism spectrum, lifestyle journalist, and marketing specialist.

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