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It’s pretty exciting around Geek Club Books Central these days. Lots of plans are finally coming together for us to get out and meet up with our beloved community and finally be face-to-face with friends we’ve never had a chance to meet in person. Jonathan and I are leaving for Washington DC where will hook up with the amazing Sharon and Conner Cummings!

Sharon and I will be speaking on a panel on July 16th at The ARC of Northern Virginia on “Creative Paths to Employment,” where we’ll share how we are creating opportunities for our sons to have meaningful work using their talents and abilities.

Lucy Beadnell, Directory of Advocacy, explains the need…

More and more parents are coming to us saying the traditional employment system won’t work for their adult child because the job supports are too limited, they don’t have a Waiver, their child has a passion that isn’t part of the typically offered jobs. . . The reasons are endless! Our existing service system is not always creative in finding ways to utilize the strengths and talents of people with disabilities. 

We are fortunate to have families who are breaking all the molds and working with their loved ones to figure out how to use their unique gifts to create employment opportunities.  They are coming together to share this expertise with you!

The panel includes:

Jonathan and Conner will be on hand to give their perspectives and answer any questions from the audience.

I guess there is a great need out there to learn creative, entrepreneurial strategies, because in just 3 days, the event RSVPs filled to capacity (an ARC record)! There is a waiting list and if you are interested, you can email lucy.beadnell [at] thearcofnova [dot] org.

While we are in the DC area, Jonathan will be performing his Dorktales Storytime! If you’d like to know more, please email me via our contact page.

For those of you parents and family members who have created businesses for your spectrum/special needs adult children, I would like to know about you. Use the comments below this post and I’ll connect with you. We  want to facilitate the creation of more workshops, virtual events and resource guides to help other parents think outside the box when it comes to their child’s future working environment.

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