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Weight of Grace Blankets are custom made weighted blankets for both boys and girls. The blankets come in any pattern, color scheme, and material of choice. Also, you can have your child’s name woven on the blanket if you so desire.

A very happy girl with her Weight of Grace custom blanket!

A very happy girl with her Weight of Grace custom blanket!


  • Various materials, colors, and patterns to choose
  • Designed to support your child’s specific height and weight
  • Ability to personalize the blanket for your child
  • Provides sensory input


  • The turn-around time is extremely long and communication is limited after the initial contact.  Company may want to consider more frequent communication about where they are in the process of completing the blanket.
  • I had ordered the blanket in March and did not receive it until Memorial Day.  Once I received the communication explaining the delay, the turn-around time was about a week.  Again, Weight of Grace may want to enhance their communications with the customer.
  • I ordered a SpongeBob pattern with a fuzzy pink underside and with my daughter’s name woven onto the blanket.  I received the correct pattern with her name sewn into the corner. The color of thread used for her name, however, blended in with the pattern of the blanket and I missed it at first.  Weight of Grace may want to consider choosing a contrasting color for the name so that it stands out from the blanket pattern.


The blanket is made with your child’s height and weight in mind.  It is of sturdy quality and does provide the sensory input your child may need.  Bare in mind, the start-to-finish time may be a couple of months.  The quality of the design, however, is well worth the wait.

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  1. Thanks for the review. We’re so glad your daughter liked her blanket!

    We apologize for the super-slow turnaround time. We had some family things going on at the time, and it’s hard to work around those since all our blankets are handmade by my mom, Dodee. Typically our turnaround time is between one and two weeks!

    Hope this blanket lasts you for years to come, but if you ever need a bigger one as she grows, you know where to go.

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