Autism Small Business:
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Hello again.  Since my last post I have had the privilege of meeting with the assistant director, Mary Adelman, of the Northwest Jersey division of the New Jersey Small Business Development Center (NJSBDC).  This was incredibly useful in helping me to map out my business plan and goals for becoming a small business owner.

During our conversation, Mary explained the variety of ways in which I could work with the various autism service organizations such as the Arc of Warren County, NJ and Employment Horizons of Morris County, NJ.

Computer RepairMary said that starting my computer repair and support business from a home office for a period of about 6-12 months would be a good idea in order to develop my client list as well as creating a solid foundation within the local community.  This would also alleviate any overhead fees by not having to rent an office space.  Later, I could claim this home office space on my income tax as a business expense.  This is just another perk to owning your own business.

Mary’s first suggestion was to create the data recovery and original software disclaimers using templates online which I would need to have a client sign before assessing a client’s computer issue(s).

Second on the list was creating a business name for my company using the NJ Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services website to do a business entity name search to see if the business name I wanted was already in use.  If it’s not, it is full speed ahead and I can register my business name.

After completing that step, my next step is to incorporate my business.  This is a key factor when it comes to a client potentially suing.  The client can only sue the corporation, not you personally.  Making your business a corporation also brings more tax exempt benefits.  Although having a business incorporated helps with possible legal matters down the road, every NJ business owner always needs liability insurance.  So, that is also on my To Do list.

After all of the above is complete, Mary explained that I would need to open a business bank account to track all business related expenses.  This could either be done by going with my current bank, one of its competitors or using a local credit union.

Last but not least Mary suggested using the Vista Print online service to create business cards for my business.  The cost for 200 business cards is only $10-$15.  There are also free local publications that I can post an ad in to get the word out.

The experience that I had working with the NJSBDC was definitely a positive one and has truly guided me in the ways in which I need to move forward in order to start, prosper and grow my business.  The end result of this journey will be the help and training that I can offer to young people on the autism spectrum.

Until next time, be well and prosper.



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