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My son with Aspergers Syndrome was asked to participate in a study by Sound Pillow® regarding autism sleep problems and whether or not the Sound Pillow Sleep System helped him with his sleep issues. Jonathan tends to be nocturnal and has great difficulty falling asleep. Sometimes, he’ll stay up the entire night because he cannot calm or relax his mind enough to fall into slumber. An audio player, similar to an iPod, is preloaded with a variety of soothing sound tracks−nature, soft music, and white, pink or blue noise−and connects directly into a pillow. Jonathan was surrounded by sounds that relax the mind, body and spirit to help him drift off to sleep. He reported that he would fall asleep within 15 minutes of using the Sound Pillow.

Autism Sleep Problems


Jonathan reports the following:

  • The pillow is comfortable and I don’t feel the speaker (which I was concerned about prior to testing and it wasn’t an issue).
  • I like all the sound tracks. My favorites are “Gentle Dreams in an Evening Forest,” “Deep Relaxation,” “Ocean,” and “Fantasia & Rain”
  • I don’t feel groggy when I wake up.
  • The sound quality is very good.


  • There should be better instructions on how the player navigation works. I had to play around with it to figure it out.
  • I would like there to be a menu option to find the tracks I like instead of having to cycle through all the tracks to find them.
  • It is a bit unclear as to which side of the pillow gets the best sound quality.


The Sound Pillow has been a great solution for me. I continue to use it on the nights I feel that I need the extra de-stressing. It really calms my mind. I also like the fact that I can hook up my iPhone sometimes and fall asleep to a podcast. I am happy that I had the opportunity to test the Sound Pillow out for my sleep problems.

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