Chloe Rothschild…Just Imagine

chloe rothschild autism advocate

Chloe Rothschild gives us a glimpse into her world as she asks us to “just imagine…”

Just imagine having so much to say and not always being able to express it.

Just imagine having so much to share with the world but not always knowing how.

Just imagine being upset, sad, scared, and not always having the words and ability to describe it in a way others can understand.

Just imagine this being a small piece of your world.

Just imagine the effort it takes each and every single time.

Just imagine, how hard it is to hurt,yet not be able to articulate what exactly hurts and how it feels.

Just imagine what it’s like to feel happy, to feel pure joy, at even the simplest of things.

Just imagine a smile and a laugh that can brighten a room.

Just imagine having so many people who love you, care about you and want what’s best for you.

Just imagine having a group of people who support you, encourage you and would do pretty much anything for you.

Just imagine, a young lady who works hard, and tries her best, even when it can be hard.

Just imagine a young lady who loves to think about how far she’s come.

Just imagine a young lady who’s therapists, friends and parents tell her she amazes them and makes them proud.

Just imagine a world where even the littlest of things is a really big deal.

Just imagine a world where even the “small”, yet not-so-small-at-all accomplishments are celebrated.

Just imagine being a part of my world, it’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

chloe rothschild autism writer

Chloe autism advocate and speaker

**Chloe is a Penfriend Project contributor. Find out more about the Penfriend Project and how you can empower an autistic writer through sponsorship.

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