Update on Our Horrible Hug, an Autism App for Children

Autism App for Children

We’re one step closer to the final production and release of our Mighty League, Vol. 2: The Horrible Hug, an autism app for children. In our last update, we shared our autism storyboard, the process our illustrator uses to sketch out the story. Since then, he’s finished the illustrations and we couldn’t be more excited! They are colorful, whimsical and fun. We are positive that this new autism app, based on a true story, is going to delight and captivate the hearts and minds of children (and their parents and teachers) while we educate them about autism.

A Peek at Our Autism App for Children and Some Final Illustrations

The manuscript for our second app, the Mighty League, Vol. 2: The Horrible Hug, was once again inspired by Jonathan’s real life experiences growing up with Aspergers Syndrome. The story comes from the time Jonathan attended a new school…a school that ultimately changed the course of his life. At that time, he felt as though he was going to an alien planet. The story takes place in ‘real’ life AND also inside the vivid imagination of JMan. He is the starship Captain of the USS Mighty League!

Autism Story App for Children - page 1

Page 1: We’ve gone from rough sketch to final illustrations! When the Horrible Hug begins, the reader sees ‘reality’ and touching the screen will transform JMan and Mr. Redge  into their imaginary starship captain and crew uniforms! You can also see that the reader can choose Jaycee, our female version of the main character!

Final Page 2: The app is in comic book format and here you can see how the original sketch presented the concept but was tweaked and works even better in the final artwork. The reader will be able to touch the school on the top left and it will turn into an alien planet. 

Final Page 5: JMan sits in the back of the class wondering if all his new classmates are aliens. You can see how the original sketch of Mr. M. has changed to look more like Jonathan’s former teacher−one of the instigators of ‘Project Hug’ or what Jonathan referred to as the horrible hugs. What you can’t see (or hear) are the animations and fun sounds that will happen on this page. I can’t wait for you and your children to experience them! 

The audio has been completed too! Jonathan worked with Voice One in San Francisco where he recorded the narration and dialogue for JMan, Mr. Redge and Mr. M. I am also so pleased that we were able to hire Dani Bowman, a young woman on the autism spectrum and owner of Powerlight Studios to record the voice of Jaycee.

…stay TOONed for more updates and information on the app’s launch!

Have you seen our first autism app for children? Check out the Temple Grandin award-winning Mighty League Vol. 1: The Terrible Taunting.


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