Meet Sara Joy, a Creative Autistic Entrepreneur

autistic entrepreneurship

Sara Joy Sánchez is a young woman living in Mexico. She has Aspergers Syndrome but she wants you to know that it isn’t stopping her from pursuing her dreams. She is a creative entrepreneur who has her own business, Joy Chan – Diseños & Creaciones


Sara, you are so young, just 17 years old and already a graphic designer. That’s impressive! How did you learn how to do graphic design?

I asked my parents to go to a school near of my house, I’m homeschooled, so I always look for things to do.

How does your Aspergers help you?

I think it helps a lot, you know, colors, shapes and all that stuff we like. My clients always look happy with my work because they see that I’m honest and happy.

What are your favorite kinds of projects?

I looove to design business cards and draw on Illustrator.

What would you like to say to other autistic young adults about their futures?

Follow your dreams! Search for your talents. Everyone has at least one talent and if you never look for it, you will never find it. It doesn’t matter what people say, they will always say bad things about people with Aspergers. We see the world with different eyes can change it through our precious talents and abilities.

You brighten our world with your positive attitude, Sara! Keep up the good work. You have an entire supportive autism community rooting for you!

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