The Impact of Sensory Processing Disorder

Love for Logan - Sensory Processing Disorder

Our guest contributor, children’s author Lori DeMonia, shares the impact of sensory processing disorder in a children’s book inspired by her own family’s experiences.

Sensory Processing Disorder makes life challenging. It also changes the way a family functions in their day-to-day life.  Much planning and thought goes into everything.  Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, using the vacuum cleaner, or choosing the right time to empty the dishwasher, what many would consider simple decisions, aren’t so simple.  Taking our daughter with sensory difficulties to a loud and crowded place was something we approached with caution.   Even when a family outing seemed to be going well, without warning a slight change in her environment would be too overwhelming, and removing her from that situation was our only choice.  It was the “removing her” part, however, that was easier said than done.  Once sensory overload sets in, it was usually followed by a meltdown.  One of the most difficult, and frightening, situations to be in as a parent to a child with SPD, is when a meltdown occurs in a public place.  Wanting more public understanding, motivated me to write a book that brings awareness to sensory processing disorder.  Although it’s a children’s book, even adults can learn from it.


Based on actual events, Love for Logan tells the story of a girl learning more about her sister’s sensory challenges.  When a special event occurs, the parents have to make a decision that could cause much disappointment. Not mentioned is the fact that the family babysitter moved away, and finding a replacement for a child with autism takes time.  The story shares that fearing the unknown shouldn’t hinder taking chances.  A family memory that will last forever could potentially be missed.


Leah’s (Logan’s autistic sister) ballerina painting was accepted into the Kindtree / lane arts council 2015 art gala in Eugene, OR and traveling art show.

*Lori DeMonia is a children’s author, a therapeutic specialist for children with special needs and mom to two daughters, Leah and Logan. Her oldest daughter a talented artist on the autism spectrum. Lori’s book, ‘Leah’s Voice,’ was the recipient 2014 Temple Grandin Outstanding Literary Work of the Year Award. Her new book, ‘Love for Logan,’ comes from her family’s real life experiences. Find more on Lori’s website.

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