Making and Keeping Friendships

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In this episode of ‘Tud’ Sense, Aspergian James Sullivan answers a question about making and keeping friendships. Here is a summary of his suggestions:

  • Find someone you click with−that means not only do you have to like them but they have to like you too.
  • Don’t crowd your friends. Be careful about over-texting, over-Facebook posting, and over-bothering your friends. You don’t want to be annoying.
  • Only give your phone number to people you can trust.
  • Find the right balance between keeping in touch and not-keeping in touch−It’s okay if you don’t hear from friends ever single day.
  • You’ll know your true friends when you are willing to come through for them and they’re willing to come through for you.
  • If you make mistakes and lose the friendship, just learn from it and move on.

autism and friendships

If you want to have another autistic perspective on friendships, read How to Be Human by Florida Frenz.

James likes to share his tude views about movies, video games or books. In part two of this episode, he talks about Inspector Gadget, a Netflix remake of 1980’s cartoon.


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**Any advice is for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be considered medical, legal or financial advice. ‘Tud Sense’ is for your information only, and not a replacement for professional diagnosis, medication, or therapy.

**James is a Penfriend Project contributor. Find out more about the Penfriend Project and how you can empower an autistic writer through sponsorship.

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