I Made a Wish For Autism

Make a Wish for Autism
Jodi Murphy - Birthday Geek For AutismToday is my birthday and I’m celebrating a wish I made for the autism community almost three years ago. I wanted the world to see what I see when I meet someone with autism—whether online or in person—and that’s a glorious individual! Someone with the same heart and soul found in every human being yet wrapped in a fascinating, unique package.

But wanting isn’t enough to make it happen and so I knew I must take action if I ever had a chance for my wish to come true. I searched for ways for our family to make a difference, racking my brain for inspiration when “tell the stories,” found its way to the top of my thoughts. But don’t just tell the stories, do it in our own geeky, creative, pop-culture-loving style to bring about better understanding.

I wanted to create a welcoming online experience, to validate autistic individuals by letting their voices be heard, and let autism families know that they are not alone.

In such a short time, we’ve been able to accomplish so much as autism storytellers. And this month, I’m also celebrating our one year anniversary as a registered nonprofit. Geek Club Books continues to evolve—we’ve produced inspiring digital media, built a growing blog platform, created autism story apps, curriculum, webisodes—and the most exciting part is that we’ve been able to pay autistic individuals to contribute their talents to these projects.

We’re still a young organization and it’s keeping me young at heart! As I blow out my candles on this birthday, I look forward to achieving our vision of an inclusive world and being able to bring more meaningful work opportunities to those on the autism spectrum.


Jodi MurphyWhat’s Our Impact?

What's Our Impact for Autism?

“Connecting. Empowering. Conveying Hope. Not focused on the I can’ts but rather the I cans. Geek Club Books is a great place. It’s a place to find hope in the stories they share and foster the connections to empower caregivers, parents, and individuals on the spectrum. They share the positives and show paths to success and overcoming obstacles is possible. They even have tools to share.”

Jennifer Marie Dirks, Autism Mom and Author

“I love teaming up with Geek Club Books and the other Penfriend writers to use our creativity and passion to change the way people think about autism. Team Geek is quirky, accepting, and FUN!”

Lydia Wayman, Autistic Speaks

“I am so proud and honored to have the opportunity to write for the Penfriend Project for Geek Club Books. It has been such a great opportunity. Geek Club Books, and Jodi Murphy who runs Geek Club Books is amazing, please help support Geek Club Books, which helps the community in many ways including giving individuals with autism a place for their written voices to be heard.”

Chloe Rothschild, Autism Advocate

“Geek Club Books has impacted our family in a unique way! They spend their days making sure not only our family, but all Autism families are recognized positively. “They care and spread awareness with their own twist. We enjoy everything that they publish and look forward to it daily.”

The Hurst Family

“Geek Club Books is not only a great online source providing valuable insight and resources, but it is also a huge inspiration for any involved caretaker looking to their special needs child’s future. What Geek Club Books has done to advocate for and support the dreams of autistic young people’s into becoming reality is amazing and a constant motivator to me to be vigilant in supporting my 3 Auties and their interests that could become their future careers.”

Tiffany Gerrick Hoskinson, Autism Mom

“Thanks to Geek Club Books my son Conner gained confidence in his journey  to where he is today.  Geek Club Books empowered Conner with the tools to finding his voice and his talent in writing.  Their dedication, knowledge and passion can help thousands of children and adults.”

Sharon Cummings, Board of Director Autism Society and ARC of Northern Virginia; Law Maker- Conner’s Law

“It’s me Conner.  Thank you for 1st believing in me and making me an Ambassador.  Jodi and Jonathan see the talent when they look at us even if to many others it may be hidden.”

Conner Cummings, 2015 Advocate of the Year by the Autism Society of America; Law Maker-Conner’s Law

“We are super excited to celebrate this milestone with Geek Club Books.  We have been following Jodi and her adventures from the beginning and find so much inspiration in the stories she shares about their autism journey.  Since Jonathan is several years older than my Boyoboy, I like to think of him and his successes as inspirational encouragement for my kiddo when we are having a rough day.  They are making an impact not only in the autism community, but in our family.”

Mama Chewi, Chewigem USA

“Geek Club Books is one of the best resources for families affected by autism. Jodi Murphy and her family are the epitome of positivity and acceptance. They promote collaboration with organizations around the globe and offer valuable resources and innovative ideas that help improve lives. As autism rates continue to skyrocket, millions of families find themselves overwhelmed by the “spectrum”; Geek Club Books is a source of respite, support, and hope.”

Linda Gund Anderson, Autism Mom and Author of Unintentional Humor

“Geek Club Books is a quirky, innovative, caring organization with a noble purpose – to educate the world about autism and empower autistic individuals to live their lives as they see fit, while staying true to their unique selves. A positive, powerful voice in the wonderful world of autism, Jodi and Jonathan and their Geek Club Books crew have created a variety of resources – from apps to books to specialized curriculum and more – to educate and empower individuals with autism and those who love them. Bravo Geek Club Books, and happy birthday!”

Christina Cook, M.A., CCC-SLP, Quiet Corner Speech and Language

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What’s Birthday Geeks For Autism?

Birthday Geeks for Autism

We thought we’d try to raise a little money during this birthday season. Three of us Murphy’s—Molly, Jonathan and I—have birthdays plus we have our Geek Club Books’ nonprofit one year to celebrate too. If you’d click on over, read the story, and make a donation…even $5 will help! 100% of what we raise goes directly towards our autism education and empowerment mission. I take no salary for my work at Geek Club Books and my husband and I cover all the administrative expenses.

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About Jodi Murphy

I am the founder of Geek Club Books, autism storytelling through mobile apps for awareness, acceptance and understanding. My mission is to use the art of storytelling and technology to entertain and educate for the social good. I am a 'positive' autism advocate, mother of an awesome adult on the autism spectrum, lifestyle journalist, and marketing specialist.

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