#ImpactfulBlogs: Anxious Toddlers

Impactful Blogs: Anxious Toddlers

Natasha Daniels, Author Anxious Toddler

Natasha Daniels Anxious Toddlers website is dedicated to all things toddler and beyond. You can turn to her blog for laughs, support and guidance about raising children of all ages with special love and attention to those who have anxious children.

Your blog:

Anxious Toddlers

Your City, Country:

Arizona, USA

What inspired you to write a blog:

To be completely honest – I didn’t even know much about what a blog was a year ago! My book on how to parent anxious toddlers was about to be released and I read it would be good to have a blog. I thought, “okay, what is this blog business anyway?” Like most things I do, I became completely obsessed – reading everything I could find on how to create a blog. I had no idea how many people I could impact just by writing on my couch! I could help twenty-five families a week in my office – but I could help thousands a week with my writing. I was hooked and haven’t come up for air since.

What’s your intention or mission:

impactful-blog-badgeIn general I want parents to feel supported when they come to my site. As a child therapist and mother to three of my own anxious children, I want parents to feel like there are others out there who get it and can offer them new and helpful ways of thinking about parenting and anxiety.

What kind of topics do you write about and how often do you write:

My love and passion is anxiety – so I often cover parenting issues around that topic. I also write about general parenting and family issues that affect everyone. I have a dry sense of humor and enjoy laughing at life so I have included a section for humorous posts. I also believe it is important to share my own struggles, successes and lessons as a mother and child therapist – and have dedicated a section of my site for those types of articles as well. I publish a new article every Sunday night. Just like my kids, routine keeps me sane!

Do you have a proud moment, inspirational story or moving feedback you’d like to share:

I have been surprised at all the emails I have received from parents thanking me for making them feel like they are not alone. It was a strange feeling at first because initially I felt like I was posting my writing to the empty universe. It was weird when the universe responded and said thanks.

Share your top three favorite posts:

Are You Teaching Your Toddler Skills to Prevent Child Abuse?

My post on how to help your child prevent sexual abuse is by far my most important post. We can’t completely protect our children from being sexually abused, but there is so much we could do proactively to arm our children with knowledge. So many children I have worked with who were sexually abused didn’t have any of the knowledge I shared in this article. If I prevent one child from being sexually abused because a parent read my article – the entire blog has been worth it.

10 Signs of an Anxious Toddler

Another one of my favorite articles is – Signs of an Anxious Toddler. Symptoms of an anxious toddler are often similar to symptoms of other diagnoses. Anxious toddlers tend to have more sensory and rigidity issues initially and less classic anxiety symptoms. Their issues are often misdiagnosed or missed completely.

5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Child Anxiety

My last article was written for parents who really don’t understand anxiety – or for the relatives/spouses they have to deal with who don’t! It discusses the 5 most important things parents should know about anxiety. I based this article on the most common misbeliefs I encounter in my therapy practice. After fifteen years of therapy, I realize that these misbeliefs are pretty pervasive and need to be addressed.

When people visit your blog, what do you hope they’ll take away from the experience?

At the very least I hope people leave feeling amused. If people leave with a new perspective and some fresh ideas – that would be even better!

Now it is time to share your geeky side with us…after all we are Geek Club Books!

Movie you could watch over and over again: Hands down – the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Book you couldn’t put down until you finished it: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North

Favorite Technology: Coffee maker – does that count?

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