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The Parenting Asperger's Blog

Dave Angel

The Parenting Asperger’s Blog by Dave Angel shares a mix of inspirational stories, solutions, strategies and occasional humorous outbursts for parents of children with Asperger’s.

Your blog:

Parenting Asperger’s Blog

Your City, Country:

Portsmouth, UK

What inspired you to write a blog:

When I first began working with a family with a child who has Asperger’s (over 10 years ago) there was a lack of easy-to-read and –easy-to-relate information online. So I decided to start sharing questions and answer posts on my blog – and it has grown from there.

What’s your intention or mission:


To help parents who feel isolated, alone and uncertain to feel just a little less so each day.

Do you have a proud moment, inspirational story or moving feedback you’d like to share:

I get a lot of nice feedback from parents which is great. One email in particular read:

“Dear Dave, I just have to say how inspiring your newsletter is to me with the wealth of information and the testimonials.  I read the email like people read their morning papers every morning in the office it’s the first email I read.  Keep up the great work you do for these kids and their parents.  Your’e amazing! Sincerely, Jodi Northway”

Share your top three favorite posts:

Aspergers and Valentine’s Day

This was a guest post by a young man with Asperger’s who had a sad experience on valentine’s Day. I loved this as he got 540 comments of support from parents around the globe to help him through.

I’m So Proud of You

In this blog post we managed to help an online petition for a young person with Asperger’s to keep her pet pig (also therapeutic) at home. We got about 1000 votes added to the petition between us which was great.

Friday Funnies (Numero Due)

This is a slot where I share some readers’ funny moments with their kids on the spectrum. Many parents seem to really enjoy it.

When people visit your blog, what do you hope they’ll take away from the experience?

That they are not alone. Lots of other parents around the world are facing the challenges they are. There are difficult times, but also inspirational and funny stories along the way – which can give parents the fuel and mental energy to keep going.

Now it is time to share your geeky side with us…after all we are Geek Club Books!

Quote you live by: “That’s the way the cookie crumbles”

Movie you could watch over and over: “Groundhog Day”

Your theme song: “My Way”

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