Can Your Child Benefit from a Snug Vest ‘Hug’?

Can your child benefit from a Snug Vest Hug?

Lisa Fraser, Inventor Snug VestMy son Jonathan was walking through the exhibitor area at Autism Society’s Conference when he spotted “Snug Vest.” He struck up a conversation with the inventor, Lisa Fraser, and couldn’t wait to tell me about it. Lisa used to work with kids on the spectrum in classrooms and she was inspired to develop a more practical, stylish alternative to weighted vests. Jonathan loved her invention so I interviewed Lisa to find out more about it.

Before we find out more about the Snug Vest, will you describe how deep pressure can help those on the autism spectrum?

Deep Pressure is a type of sensory integration therapy. Individuals with autism experience a high load of anxiety. Their sensory systems can get overwhelmed and overloaded easily from environmental input. Their sensory systems may not be able to regulate on their own to get back into a calm and relaxed state.

The pressure on the body activates the parasympathetic nervous system which drives down cortisol and adrenaline (stress indicators), and induces serotonin (the happy hormone) which regulates the sensory system to put you in a calm and relaxed state. Some individuals with autism require pressure to feel calm and secure, and function in their daily lives. As one mother states,

Pressure is a necessity in the same sense that oxygen and water are needs.

Tell us about the Snug Vest™

What is it and what inspired you to develop it?

Snug Vest is a therapy tool that inflates to simulate a hug called Deep Pressure Therapy. As described above, this “hug” or pressure on the body activates the parasympathetic nervous system to regulate the sensory system and lower anxiety.

I was working in classrooms with children with special needs and realized first hand that pressure has a very calming and relaxing effect. When I saw weighted vests being used, I came up with the concept of using air instead of weight to provide a hugging sensation. I knew I could create a safer, more user-friendly product that promoted inclusion and independence to help my kiddos.

Who is the ideal user?

Snug Vest was initially developed for children with autism. Since we launched,, we have had numerous individuals with anxiety, ADHD, CP, TBI, and many other challenges tell us that they are benefiting from the vests.

If you know your child loves and craves pressure, Snug Vest is most likely a great fit. Because each child  on the spectrum is so different, as we all know, it is really a ‘try it out’ recommendation. That’s why we offer a 60 day money-back guarantee. What works wonders for one person, may not do a thing for another. It is great that there are no negative side-effects in trying it out!

What does Jonathan think?

What sets your vest apart from weighted vests?

Weighted vests push pressure down on the shoulders, which in my opinion, is not good for posture and the musculoskeletal system. Snug Vest uses air, so pressure is evenly-distributed throughout the torso. It is adjustable to the exact amount the user needs, and can be fully controlled by the user. This gives everyone who wears one the control to regulate their own sensory system. It is completely safe and effective.

Download the clinical study on Snug Vest’s Effects on Anxiety and Behaviour

What does it cost?

Snug Vest comes in child, teen, and adult sizes and costs $365 USD regardless of the size. Each vest adjusts 3 inches in the height and 6 inches in width, so will be put to long-lasting use. A two year warranty and 60 day money-back guarantee is also included!

Use GEEKCLUBBOOKS discount code at check-out for free shipping!

Do you have any stories to share about how Snug Vest has made a difference?

Antony in his Snug Vest

A happy Antony in his Snug Vest!

Tons of stories!  I’d love to share a story about a young boy named Antony. Antony is 5 years old, and was diagnosed with ASD and SPD. He was having a hard time focusing at school, so his mother bought him a Snug Vest to see if it would help. Since then, he is doing amazing! His mom says,

He wears his Snug Vest every day at school and we never go shopping without it, whereas before going to Walmart was such a struggle. It is truly a lifesaver. I should add that his behavior and grades have drastically improved since wearing his vest as it really helps improve his concentration and focus. Without the Snug Vest, his school would keep requesting us to medicate him. Thankfully his only medication needed is his Snug Vest!

What is your greatest wish for Snug Vest?

For it to be an accessible therapy tool for everyone who needs one world-wide. We are working on making this possible.

For more on Snug Vest

*We did not get paid to do this interview about Snug Vest. Also, Jonathan’s comments on the video are his own and he did not receive payment or product for his review.

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  1. Jodi, I’m a SpEd teacher and just posted about your vest on my FB page. I love this stylish alternative to the ugly weighted vests at school that scream, “I’m different and have to wear this ugly thing to stay chilled out.” Thank you for making something that allows our Kids with Autism to blend in. I’m also Mom to a son w/Autism that is successfully attending college and living in a dorm! Waaa!

    • Thank you Mary! I will let the founder of Snug Vest know what you’ve said here. Congrats on your son successfully navigating school and living in a dorm–I understand the empty nest you are feeling too <3

    • Hi Mary!
      Thanks for re-posting the story on your FB page! 🙂
      Is your FB page personal or do you have a fan / org page? If so, we would love to check it out and be-friend you! 🙂
      The style of Snug Vest is a key factor. I agree – many of the other options really stigmatize the individuals.
      CONGRATS on your son’s independence at college – a huge feat! 🙂

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