What Happens When You Can Show the World Your Talent?

The Talented James Sullivan

James Sullivan is an extremely talented man on the autism spectrum. He has a degree in filmmaking and has his own YouTube channel. He writes, films, edits, performs, sings and talks about anything and everything in today’s pop culture scene. He’s interesting to talk to and fun to be around.

James and Susan Sullivan

I met James when he and his parents came to see a presentation I was giving in San Francisco. Like me, Susan Sullivan (James’ mom) was starting a nonprofit business to employ people with autism. James produced a video for her new “PreLOVED Toys” enterprise and I was an immediate fan of his work. With virtually no budget, he created a fun, witty, captivating and entertaining introduction video…something any business would love to have in their marketing and social media mix.

After seeing what James was capable of I asked him to play a key role in our nonprofit’s partnership on a new program with Bluebee Pals and Quality Services for the Autism Community (QSAC). I hired James to work on a new autism awareness educational webisode series, Bluebee TeeVee: Autism Information Station. And when I say key role, I mean he’s the most important team member! James writes the scripts, films and edits each episode, and is the on-camera host.

I thoroughly enjoy working with James. I trust in his abilities and he always delivers beyond my expectations. I hope he’s proud because he’s really making a difference.

Someone else noticed James and thinks he’s someone special too. Laura Jiencke is the founder and creator of Bluebee Pals, the talking, educational, learning tools. She was blown away by James’ Bluebee TeeVee webisodes and has commissioned him to create several videos for her company.

James is very professional and easy to work with. I only have to give him my vision with very few directions and he’s off and running. He’s very creative and clever. I love the Christmas video he just finished for us!

Marginalized, stigmatized, bullied and isolated, so many on the autism spectrum grow up without an opportunity to show the world what they are capable of achieving. James has begun to break through those barriers and let his talent shine…and get paid for it! I have no doubt that he has a bright future.

I challenge all business CEOs to only see a person’s talent, not a disability. Open the doors of opportunity to people on the autism spectrum. Laura says, “It’s just good business.”

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