Autism Resources Bundle!

Autism Bundle of Resources

Sign me up! I want the Autism Bundle of Resources

Our mission at Geek Club Books is to educate and empower. We invite you to join us and add your voice by signing up for our autism community email list. Together, we can ignite hearts and open minds so everyone has an opportunity to shine in this world! One of the benefits of signing up is exclusive access to our Autism Bundle, including:

Autism Resource Guide: Discover some of the best autism books, apps, services products, programs, family grants and more in our A-List Autism Resource Guide.

E-books and Posters: Find hope and inspiration in our downloadable e-books featuring essays and quotes by autistic writers and moms with loved ones on the autism spectrum.

Mighty League Comic Book: Our members get exclusive link to download our Temple Grandin award-winning autism comic book, The Mighty League, Vol. 1: The Terrible Taunting.

Autism Education Toolkit: We have a Project-Based Learning Unit, activity guide and worksheets to accompany our Mighty League stories so you can bring autism awareness and acceptance education into the classroom. Everything is packaged together for easy download.

Autism Information Station: We’ve also packaged the video and episode guides for our popular webisode series, Bluebee TeeVee Autism Information Station, so you can download the files for use in the classroom.

Just for Fun: You’ll have access to entertaining audio stories, ringtones, and certificates for your kids or students.

This is just the beginning of the special perks we have in store for you and the only way you’ll know about them is through our free membership to our autism community. You’ll be notified about new resources and community news through our e-newsletter. So click the button and let’s continue on this autism journey together!

Sign me up! I want the Autism Bundle of Resources

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