Autism Storytelling for Hope and Change

Autism Charity to educate and empower

Geek Club Books is a registered, tax-exempt nonprofit with creative autism education and empowerment mission. We ignite hearts and open minds through autism stories so all individuals with autism have every opportunity in this world to shine. 

Today 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism in the United States and yet, the general public understands very little about the diagnosis—and what they do know is often shrouded in misperceptions and negative stereotypes. Almost 70% of children with autism experience emotional trauma from being bullied, something my autistic son experienced when he was growing up.  Now that he’s an adult, he faces a combined unemployment and underemployment rate of 90%.

We’re working as a family to beat those odds, for our son and for others on the autism spectrum.

Our nonprofit addresses two important issues for the autism community:
  1. Public awareness and acceptance
  2. Employment Opportunities for Autistic Adults

Autism Awareness and Acceptance Education

Our autism nonprofit, Geek Club Books, produces interactive children’s stories as apps, curriculum, ebooks, educational videos, and blog content to change perceptions and put an end to the negative stereotypes. We use digital media, app technology, curriculum, social media and webisodes to capture children’s attention to teach them about autism. And we hire autistic adults to work with us on their creation.

Why do we focus on storytelling as a catalyst for change?

Research shows that narrative has a powerful impact on the brain and the actions that follow. Stories elicit empathy. Stories facilitate connection. Stories affect change. They captivate our hearts and minds, both individually and collectively, and can move us towards better understanding of a culture, a special population, or the human condition.

Using our own personal experiences and stories, we founded Geek Club Books to bring hope, inspiration and support to other autism families. We’re here to break the stigma surrounding autism by putting forth positive views–focusing on ‘abilities’ over disabilities and similarities over ‘differences’ for better understanding and connection.

Where can you find the information you need on this website?

There’s so much to discover here so we’ve made it easier through special welcome pages for:

Thank you for stopping by! We hope that you’ll stick around and join our positive autism acceptance movement. Let’s celebrate what makes all of us unique and send out a message of hope and optimism. Together we can profoundly change how the world views autism…one story at a time.

Jodi Murphy
Notes on the statistics:

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