Changing World Views Through Comic Books

In how many cartoons or comic books do we see a dog chase its life-long nemesis- the house cat? An adult dog and adult cat don’t make easy friendships. However, a puppy and kitten raised together from birth can grow-up together and behave as playful siblings. Biological and prejudicial instincts can be overturned by early intervention. I propose we have a chance to advocate for a better future for our children, and make a world where differences can be celebrated, not hidden or ridiculed. [Tweet "Let's make a world where differences can be … [Read more...]

10 Best Words to Describe an Autism Parent

I’ve been thinking about my being an autism parent. (Now that my children are adults I actually have time for reflection.) I am the parent of two, one with Asperger’s Syndrome and the other who’s not on the autism spectrum. Did I raise them differently? Not really. Both of them have my unconditional love and attention. But I do think that having a child with special needs made me dig deep into my soul’s reservoir and activate the personality traits necessary to help him flourish. Describe an Autism Parent So what are those traits? What words … [Read more...]

Autism Acceptance in Action!

By Sharon Fuentes, Mama's Turn Now and Zoom Autism Magazine Guest blogger Sharon Fuentes, author and editor of Zoom Autism Magazine writes about April Autism Awareness month and autism acceptance in action! It's April and there is a whole lot of talk about awareness. But I heard this the other day, and well it just kind of made sense...Awareness is a concept, Acceptance is an action! I love this saying in so many ways. I believe that awareness and acceptance go hand in hand. But perhaps not in the way you expect. Let me … [Read more...]