Imagine That! An Amazing Studio for Developmentally Disabled Artists

By Brandon Forrest Frederick, Imagine That! Kansas City Imagine That! Kansas City is an innovative and creative non-profit arts organization, gallery, and studio that supports developmentally disabled artists. Located in the heart of Kansas City’s arts district, we have exhibitions on First Friday’s of each month alongside numerous other galleries in the area. IT!KC is a program offered through Resources for Human Development, a non-profit organization that operates in 14 states, addressing intellectual and developmental disabilities, … [Read more...]

Autism Employment
Replacing Hope with a Seat at the Table

By Jodi Murphy From a dance teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District to worldwide leader and guiding light for autism, Joanne Lara proves that one woman can make a far reaching impact. She is taking action to move us from autism awareness, hope and acceptance to making sure our kids transition into adulthood with employers who understand their value and are ready to employ! From Dance Teacher to Worldwide Movement Joanne was in the classroom working with moderate to severe autistic children for ten years. With her … [Read more...]

Autism Entrepreneurship: Creative Paths to Employment

What's Autism Entrepreneurship? School's over (and not just for the summer) and your child has aged out of services. What's next? And what happens when it comes time for a career? Yes, a career and not just a job but doing work that is meaningful where your child can contribute their talents and abilities to the world. THIS is the question that my friend Sharon Cummings and I have been asking ourselves as our children move into adulthood. And our solution to the lack of job opportunities for our guys? Become entrepreneurs and start our own … [Read more...]

SEEDs for Autism
Art Vocations, Self-Reliance, Confidence

Out of unconditional love for her autistic brother, Paul, Mary Ann LaRoche has sewed the seeds of independence for adults on the autism spectrum. She wanted to create an environment where autistic and aspergers adults can learn a vocation, feel supported and accepted, and have a place to socialize without judgement. SEEDs for Autism, is her brainchild, a non-profit vocational training program where professional artisans work with their students to create marketable art, and learn valuable life skills in the process--staying on task, working as … [Read more...]