10 Best Words to Describe an Autism Parent

I’ve been thinking about my being an autism parent. (Now that my children are adults I actually have time for reflection.) I am the parent of two, one with Asperger’s Syndrome and the other who’s not on the autism spectrum. Did I raise them differently? Not really. Both of them have my unconditional love and attention. But I do think that having a child with special needs made me dig deep into my soul’s reservoir and activate the personality traits necessary to help him flourish. Describe an Autism Parent So what are those traits? What words … [Read more...]

Presuming Paradox

The phrase "presume competence" is taking hold throughout the autism community, and this is a wonderful thing indeed. We−autistic kids and adults−face challenges in learning new skills, demonstrating what we do know, and maintaining our self-regulation in the big, bright, bold outside world. Oftentimes, our minds and bodies don't relate to one another like they do for the NT cohort of the population. And, be honest−we're all a little self-centered. When we see someone engaging in what is, to us, a strange behavior, we look at that action with … [Read more...]

Vacation…All I Ever Wanted?

All I ever wanted? (I think the Go-Go's penned this phrase back in the 80's.) Ah..., vacation time. As the holiday season approaches, many of us will find ourselves crisscrossing the country, and possibly traveling to borders unknown. Whether you are traveling soon or just returned from a last minute getaway weekend before the holiday rush, everybody loves a vacation. Right? Don't get me wrong, I really do love vacations. The sun, eating at restaurants, a break from the everyday routine. Wait, did I just say a break from routine? That … [Read more...]

Episode 2: The Autism Diagnosis Crutch

In Episode 2 of James Sullivan's 'Tud' Sense he encourages spectrum adults to break free from using their diagnoses as a crutch. You will find his CAN-DO message inspirational and positive attitude contagious.  He struggles, yes, but he never gives up... Whoever you are, whether or not you are autistic, you are given certain obstacles in life and how you deal with these obstacles defines who you are. [Tweet ""You are given certain obstacles in life and how you deal with these obstacles defines who you are" @jaimetud inspiring #Autism role … [Read more...]


The handcuffs slid on so silently, they caught me unaware. I hadn’t run entirely amok to that point, but the standards of society had not yet made their way into my little life. First, they encouraged me with smiles and sing-song voices and hopes of growing big and strong. “Good girls eat their vegetables!” Then, they bargained, promising rewards of playing outside and stickers and a coveted spoonful of peanut butter. Finally, they laid down the law: “You’ll sit here ‘til you’ve eaten that broccoli!” Shocked at the demand, I startled. … [Read more...]

What to Expect and Accept

By Cyndi Frisch The birth of a child is one of life's most special moments, whether it was planned or not, God gave most of us nine months to get ready for the one thing that will change our lives more than anything else. In the eyes of all new parents, their children are perfect in every way. We take them home in the new cars seat we bought to protect them...because that is our job, to protect them from everything bad in this world. Sleepless nights and countless dirty diapers consume our first few months at home, but soon our babies … [Read more...]

You’re So Normal

You seem so normal.  I have heard this statement repeated numerous times from friends, relatives, and random people.  Sometimes they are referring to me, sometimes my daughters with autism and sometimes our family in general. When my girls were diagnosed at the ages of three and seven, I thought people were just trying to make me feel better. When I was diagnosed on the spectrum a few years later, I thought people just said, "You seem so normal!" to be nice. As time has passed and life has marched forward, I have often pondered the word … [Read more...]

Episode 1:
When Did You Find Out?

Welcome to Episode 1 of Jame's Sullivan's 'Tud' Sense! Part one you'll find out how James learned that he is an Aspergian. I just know that you'll  find his answers candid, articulate and witty. Part two, James shares his tude views about a book, movie...or whatever tickles his fancy. In this episode, discover James' Halloween Playlist: Bump Here Come the Mummies Bump in the Night The Allstars Friday the 13th Part 3 Theme H. Manfredini Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr. It's Halloween-Lo-Ween Vasile Sirli Skeletons In My … [Read more...]

What’s One More?

By Cyndi Frisch In life there are very few spoken words that are truly life changing. Thirty eight years ago I stood in front of family, friends and God and promised to love my husband until death do us part. I said 'I do' and I still do. Those words were a vow, a commitment to God, they were important to me. Until 13 years ago those were the most important words I ever declared, until I said, "what's one more?" I was 43, my husband was 48 and we were living in the down-sized home we purchased to live out our golden years...the years with … [Read more...]

Autism Insider on “Love”

I love you.  Those famous three little words.  They mean something different to everyone. Most "typical" individuals view love as an emotion or feeling that is just present in them naturally.  A man loves his wife, a child loves her grandmother, or any number of combinations come to mind when thinking about love. Now I am not going to get all philosophical and deep about the topic of love. I will leave that discussion to the poets and romantics. I bring up the subject because many individuals on the autism spectrum have a unique way of … [Read more...]