What Happens to My Child When I’m Gone?

By Julia Ballantyne  “What happens to my child when I am gone?” It is question no parent wants to think about, but is especially important when that child has special needs or developmental disabilities, and requires a team of support for his or her entire life.  Carefully planning for retirement is critical for all families, but according to a 2015 Harris Poll, more than half of Americans who pass away do not have a will, leaving their loved ones vulnerable. For the hundreds of parents who attended Tuesday’s Town Hall Forum on Lifespan … [Read more...]

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When your child is diagnosed on the autism spectrum, it’s common to feel completely overwhelmed. There’s no “GPS’ that will take you on a direct course of action…no single destination to aim towards. Likewise, if you are an educator, one way of teaching isn’t going to work from one autistic student to the next. Though there are many common characteristics, each child on the spectrum is unique. So where do we find the people, programs and services that will fit the needs of our child? There are many great resources available but how do you … [Read more...]

What Your Autistic Students Want You to Know

What are your autistic students experiencing? What might they be thinking? How might they be feeling? I can’t tell you what your autistic students want to know because I’m not autistic. Seeking the advice of autistic adults can truly help us understand what we should know and how we as parents and educators can help. I can’t think of two better people to turn to than Lydia Wayman and Megan Amodeo. Lydia is an autistic writer, speaker, and advocate. She has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in English and … [Read more...]

The Secrets of a Successful Buddy Program

How did one mom create a successful buddy program and lasting friendships for her autistic son? When it comes to parenting a child on the autism spectrum, don’t you wish that there was a book with all the answers? A roadmap to helping them grow and thrive? Each autistic child is unique and there are no “one size fits all” solutions to making sure we’re meeting our children’s needs. We may not know what to do at any given time, but we must trust that we have the strength within us to figure it out…to find and, sometimes, fight for their … [Read more...]