We’re Partnering with The Mighty!

We're thrilled to announce a new partnership that will bring our resources in front of The Mighty's wide-reaching readership. We will now have a growing home page on The Mighty and appear on many stories on the site. The Mighty is a story-based health community focused on improving the lives of people facing disease, disorder, mental illness and disability. More than half of Americans are facing serious health conditions or medical issues. They want more than information. They want to be inspired. The Mighty publishes real stories about real … [Read more...]

Autism Awareness Month: Using Technology to Tell the Story of Autism

Today kicks of autism awareness month and I was interviewed for the 17th issue of the NTEN: Change journal. The issue focuses on “Digital Inclusion and Technical Divides.” There is a range of perspectives from those at the forefront of bridging the digital divide: schools, libraries, city governments, and nonprofit organizations. We're one of them! Here's the editor's preview of my interview: One in 68 children are diagnosed with autism, and the public’s understanding of autism is shrouded in mystery and misperception, leaving the … [Read more...]

Asperkids Seal of Awesomeness

Jennifer O'Toole's life's work is helping kids with Aspergers Syndrome (and their families) through her books, speaking engagements, and role modeling. She translates the inner workings of Asperkids (her positive and loving term) in a way their communities can relate to, while helping spectrum folk understand the social rules and expectations of a neurotypical world. Asperkids (her company) curates and finds activities, products and services that are worth an autism family's energy and money. According to Jennifer, the Asperkids Seal … [Read more...]

Creative Paths to Employment

It's pretty exciting around Geek Club Books Central these days. Lots of plans are finally coming together for us to get out and meet up with our beloved community and finally be face-to-face with friends we've never had a chance to meet in person. Jonathan and I are leaving for Washington DC where will hook up with the amazing Sharon and Conner Cummings! Sharon and I will be speaking on a panel on July 16th at The ARC of Northern Virginia on "Creative Paths to Employment," where we'll share how we are creating opportunities for our sons to … [Read more...]

An Autism Start Up in Silicon Valley?

In the heart of Silicon Valley there's a start up that has its heart set on changing how the world views autism. And they're doing it one story at a time... On January 1, 2014 I resolved to step out of my comfort zone, step away from the computer, and start networking in person so I could meet my autism community face-to-face and to also meet those who could help me grow Geek Club Books. With that intention, I set myself to the task of finding the best opportunities for outreach. Through a chain of introductions, I discovered The Women's … [Read more...]

Toys “R” Us Picks Mighty League App

The Mighty League, Vol. 1: The Terrible Taunting was selected by Toys "R" Us as their featured app for April Autism Awareness Month. The app is now available in their Tabeo tablet store and will remain available for purchase from April 2014 on. We're proud that Toys R Us chose our app to help educate children about autism, Asperger's Syndrome, being different, and bullying. Our goal is to help children understand and accept differences and help those who feel different learn to love and accept themselves. Jodi Murphy … [Read more...]

What is a Book App and Could YOU Create One?

"What is a Book App and Could YOU Create One?" Edition 2 is FREE March 15-19 on Kindle. See how 45 Writers Published their Books as Book Apps... Many people ask me what it means to publish a book as an app. When I made the decision to turn my son's life adventures growing up on the spectrum as a series of children's stories, I chose storybook app over printed book. For me it was an easy decision because it allowed Jonathan the opportunity to use his talents as a voice actor to do the narration. That adds an authenticity and heart that is … [Read more...]

Secret of the Songshell
YA Sci Fi/ Fantasy on Audio

Several months ago I interviewed author Brian Tashima about his YA Sci Fi/Fantasy novel, Secret of the Songshell, book one of the Spectraland Saga. Well, there's exciting news in Spectraland and at Geek Club Books' HQ because Brian just released the audio version of Secret of the Songshell and guess who he hired to do the narration? OK, you guessed it...our very own Jonathan Murphy! Here's a synopsis of the plot: Neither Nerd nor Normal. Joel Suzuki gets a huge surprise when he bumps into his favorite rock star while walking … [Read more...]

And the Winner of the iPad Mini Is…

Congratulations to Terri Jory-Johnson! You won an iPad Mini and Our Mighty League Storybook App! Litfuse, my publicity group, will be contacting you via email, so keep an eye on your inbox for further instructions. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who entered our contest. As our way of showing our appreciation we're having an App O' Plenty giveaway for our fans and EVERYONE WHO ENTERS WINS! Check out the details here. … [Read more...]

Autimisms E-Book
Free Download Available Now!

AUTIMISMS: The optimistic, look-on-the-bright-side, power in a positive outlook view of the autism spectrum. Geek Club Books presents The Little E-Book of Autimisms a collection of inspirational words by the women who work with, support and love someone on the autism spectrum. We hope our words lift you up and help you on your own autism journey. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE E-BOOK AND FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR CONTRIBUTORS. Or Read the Book Here Via Slideshare Autimisms - An Optimistic View of Life on the Spectrum from … [Read more...]