Early Mighty League Reviews Are In!

I know, I know. It's a cheesy reference...a parody of something actress, Sally Fields, said at the 1985 Academy Awards when she accepted her second Oscar for "Places in the Heart." At that moment, she felt validated and accepted as a serious actress from her peers and the Academy. And it's the best way for me to express how we're feeling from the early reviews for The Mighty League. Our app has only been out on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play since September 2nd, and already we've heard such positive feedback from parents and industry-respected … [Read more...]

Speaking of Difference… We’re Taking our Acts on the Road!

When her son was going through the autism diagnosis, Rebecca Hyder, began to blog about the experience and soon developed close connections with the international autism community from whom she received much love and support. I understood Asperger’s so much better when I began to read books by authors who were themselves on the Autism Spectrum. Her family's understanding of the diagnosis had a positive, hopeful turnaround when she read Asperkids - An Insider's Guide to Loving, Understanding and Teaching Children with Asperger Syndrome by … [Read more...]

Mighty League App Facebook Launch Party

On Tuesday, September 10th, put on your party shoes and dance on over to DANDELION MOMS and PENELOPE'S FACEBOOK PARTY PAGE  to celebrate the launch of The Mighty League App by Geek Club Books (aka us!). If you've never been to a Dandelion Moms & Penelope party, you've just got to come and check it out. From 5:30 to 7:30 PM PST, our hosts deejay us through code drops, theme trivia, fun facts, and more. And the best part of this upcoming geeky soiree? There are giveaway goodies galore! Here's what we're bringing to the party... CODE DROPS … [Read more...]

It Lives! Mighty League Story App On Apple, Amazon, Google App Stores

It's official! The Mighty League storybook app is live on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play app stores! And we're already receiving parent reactions... The book app is truly WONDERFUL . I know no two children with Asperger's are the same but my son and I just had our first look at it and it was like we were reading about him. It is brilliant on so many levels. I love the pop up notebook that explains more about the Aspie context; I love the fact that my son can try the conversational turn taking and see how it's better if he lets the narration … [Read more...]

Project Heart Touch
Free E-book
You Are Not Alone

The first release of Project Heart Touch, an e-book about autism, Aspergers and special needs communities on Facebook is available for download. So moved by these communities and the support, inspiration, and camaraderie one can find, I asked for submissions and created this compilation so parents and individuals on the spectrum can more easily find their virtual support system on Facebook. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Take a peek inside: Shayla from Parenting By the Seat of My Pants has this to say about PROJECT HEART TOUCH... Wonderful! This … [Read more...]

Extra! Extra!
Newsletter Coming Friday, August 9

Our next Geek Club Books Newsletter will zip-zoom to our subscribers on Friday, August 9th. We're really excited about it because this is what our subscribers are going to get: Two free custom ringtones voiced by Jonathan Murphy! A Random Fandom Giveaway that's tea-licious and geektastic :) Code drops from Blackfish Children's Books, our awesome App developer. Special announcements and updates. Don't miss out on all this good stuff. Make sure you are signed up on our mailing list. Fill out any of our forms--there's one here, on … [Read more...]

Facebook Autism Communities
Project Heart Touch

I've said it before and I'll most likely say it again and again...when Jonathan was growing up in the 80s, Aspergers wasn't on the diagnosis radar and it took until he was 13 to find out that he was indeed on the high functioning autism spectrum. Even then, there was little in the way of support and certainly, most of my friends and family couldn't relate to his struggles. As a mom, I felt as though I was on ship lost at sea with only the stars and my intuition to guide his way (cheesy metaphor but appropriate). It was often lonely. There … [Read more...]

Mighty League App Audio Preview

Things are going swimmingly here at Geek Club Books as we enter the final stages of our storybook app's release! Just a few more techie touches and it looks as though we'll have a sizzling end of summer...stay TOONed. In the meantime, we'd like to have a little fun in the sun by sharing an audio preview of a few of our Mighty League cast of characters: JMan Jaycee Mr. Redge Dr. E(vil) Touch Have you met all the characters in the Mighty League? Have you heard the Geek Club Books Theme Song? … [Read more...]

The Beta Test: Seeing Your App for the First Time

Last Saturday morning I woke up to an email from Bill Anderson (He and Tom Anderson from Customizabooks are our developers). He said that he had posted an iOS build of our app on TestFlight (a site for beta testing apps) and he sent me an invitation link. <gulp> This is it, I thought. If I click on that link and download our app, this is really happening! No longer an idea, a discussion, a dream. On that quiet Saturday morning with my morning cup of Earl Grey, I stood in my kitchen gazing out into the back yard thinking that a major … [Read more...]

Mighty League Character Gallery

JMan The adorkable JMan views his world in a unique and imaginative way...he's the 10 year old superhero who stops bullies and makes the playground a peaceful place. He is the leader of the Mighty League and capes and crime fighting are his game! He has Aspergers Syndrome...and also green eyes, blonde hair, and a fascination with knowing everything he can about frogs and snakes. Jaycee Jaycee is the female alter ego to JMan. It's funny because she views her world in a unique and imaginative way too! Choose her as your Mighty League hero and … [Read more...]