Little Red Coming Soon!

Jonathan and our audio engineer, Michael, are back in the studio recording a new Dorktales script by Karen Simpson Gardiner. Dorkteller, Jonathan, is joined by none other than Grady the Geekosaur, our Geek Club Books mascot, to tell the tale of Little Red. You know, the one about the little girl in the beautiful red cloak who out foxes the big bad wolf? Well forget that one and think ninja granny with a stealthy rescue plan. And the big bad wolf? Well, he's back and instead of huffing and puffing, he's donning a disguise and doing some sweet … [Read more...]

Dorktales Scene: Percy’s Epic House of Twigs

Here's a favorite scene from Dorktales: The Three Little Hogs?! Once again, the smart dorky brother will prove to be correct... PERCY: Dude!  Those sticks are righteous!  I think I’ll build my house out of them! PEREGRIN: I must advise against it brother, they are not nearly strong enough for a house. PERCY: But they look so epic! And no matter what his brother said, Percy was determined to build his house out of sticks, and so he did. PERCY: TA DA!!!  Tubular! PEREGRIN:  Once again I feel I would be remiss if I did not point … [Read more...]

Our Man in the Dorktales Bowler Hat

Magritte surrealism? Pffff...Our man in a bowler hat goes galactic over Dorktales classic audio fairy tales with a geekish twist. Find a free high-res downloadable poster on our FREEBIES page. … [Read more...]

Dorktales, Duck Duck Moose
and Her Kiddos

Hidden away in our secret geek cave, with only pen, paper and a really good mic, our Geek Club Books' team created the concept of Dorktales: Classic Storytelling with a Geekish Twist, banged out an original script (name drop: Karen Simpson Gardiner), and recorded our first dorky tale, "The Three...Hogs?!" (name drops: Jonathan Murphy and Michael Meyer). Our intention? Make audio stories to entertain kids and make parents giggle. But clever Jackie Gove Bryla, Speech Language Pathology Assistant at Roseville School District, heard something … [Read more...]

The Three Little…Hogs?
Available for FREE Download

That's only the preview! Introducing Jonathan Murphy the official "dorkteller" for our new Dorktales: classic storytelling with a geekish twist audio plays. In "The Three Little...Hogs?" Jonathan voices every character, including his pal Mr. Redge the hedgehog, as he tells you OUR version of the classic tale of the three little pigs. READ MORE The 3 Little Hogs" will delight any child who enjoys silly voices and classic fairy tales with a twist. Appropriately, it's the "dorky" character who gets to play hero, saving the day using his … [Read more...]

The New Sherman and Mister Peabody

"Peabody's Improbable History" segments appeared on the classic Rocky and Bullwinkle Show in the late 50s and early 60s. Mister Peabody, a dog genius, would take inquisitive Sherman way back in the WABAC (play on early computer acronyms) machine to relive a moment in history. Comical tellings of real historical events always ended with a Peabody pun, to which Sherman would respond, "Oh Mr. Peabody!" (Word has it that DreamWorks Animation is working on a feature film to be released in November 2013.) Also in Rocky and Bullwinkle, were the … [Read more...]

In the Recording Studio

QUIET PLEASE! Jonathan and our audio engineer, Michael Meyer, are in the studio taping The Three Little...Hogs?, our first Dorktales adventure in classic storytelling with a geekish twist. "This is a new experience for me," says Jonathan Murphy. "We're recording an entire script and I have to switch back and forth into seven different characters. We could record each character separately and Michael edit them together, but we decided to do it this way because we want it to have that storyteller feel." Jonathan and Mr. Redge are the … [Read more...]

The Three Little…Hogs?

The Three Little...HOGS? Who has ever heard of that? According to Mr. Redge, it's a classic tale from the fairy tale cannon! The real JMan, Jonathan Murphy, and his sidekick Mr. Redge tell the story of hedgehogs Porky, Percy and Peregrin, and their ultimate triumph over the dastardly wolf using a glue pot, rapier and a wheel barrow. According to Percy, "It's epic, man!" An original script created exclusively for Geek Club Books by Karen Simpson Gardiner, will be performed live and for audio download by Jonathan Murphy. Stay TOONed for … [Read more...]