Murphy Autism Story in The Mighty

Have you heard about The Mighty? It's a news media website that focuses on the power of the story to end the stigma around disability. According to its founder, Mike Porath, the vision is to inspire people and, ultimately, "improve the lives of people facing disease, disorder and disability." I am all over that kind of optimism and lofty goal setting, and using storytelling to do it. I'm way, way in−ready and willing to share my autism story. In January, The Mighty asked this question: If you could go back to the day you (or a loved one) … [Read more...]

Super Powers? Moms Beat Superheroes Every Time

  It may not seem like it, but we’ve come so far in being able to identify and diagnose someone on the autism spectrum. Even though Aspergers Syndrome was classified in 1944 by pediatrician Hans Asperger, no medical professional or therapist ever mentioned or discussed it as a possible explanation for my son’s developmental and social issues. I knew at two that something was amiss and even suspected that Jonathan was autistic but the professionals were adamant that he couldn’t be because he was high functioning. But we moms, KNOW … [Read more...]


It happened. Saturday, like any other day, I went to the mailbox and grab the day's mail. It's a ritual I often ask myself why I continue doing since most of the time it's nothing but junk. But it's the hope of finding a treasure among the trash−a handwritten letter from a friend, a commission check for app sales, a new issue of that creative magazine from Canada that I enjoy so much. Walking up to the house, I shuffled through the stash and there it was. A letter from the IRS. I wasn't expecting it for at least another one to three … [Read more...]

Summer Blog Hop: Letter to My Younger Self

Meriah Nichols from A Little Moxie has a summer blog challenge and I'm always up for a challenge so I thought I'd take her up on it! Also, I've never been a part of a blog sounds so festive and fun, so another reason to join in. Here's what she has to say: Let’s try and follow a story arc. Let’s try and write our way through the whole arc of our connection with disability, and then let’s gather the posts at the end of the summer series and publish them in a book! Sound good? Ambitious enough?! She includes the entire collection of … [Read more...]

Our Neverending, Always Hopeful Story

By Jodi Murphy I’m standing in the middle of the family room hugging a binder with a four inch spine and in it are carefully tabbed sections chronicling my son’s medical and developmental history. It feels awkward and uncomfortable to have and to be holding such a binder, because reading it will make any stranger feel pity for my family and a guilty relief that they don’t have a son with autism. The binder is necessary for the battles that I have to fight on my son’s behalf, and it contains important information that I must keep in order … [Read more...]

My Grand Mis-Adventure

There are so many personal life metaphors for my 'grand mis-adventure' this weekend... On Saturday, I got up and went for a hike on one of the beautiful open space trails near my home. What a gorgeous day! And I was in the groove...walking at a vigorous pace, deep breathing, and looking at the clear blue skies when I stumbled over a mound one often encounters when walking on a dirt trail. My ankle buckled and I could feel the 'rip' before I could catch and correct myself. Oops. I'm in trouble. Yes, this is a serious sprain, I thought to … [Read more...]

Autimism: A Standing Ovation

Scroll down for our giveaway for iPad Mini, Nexus 7 tablet, gift cards and goodies. By Jodi Murphy All throughout elementary school my son, Jonathan, was an outlier. He wasn’t invited to birthday parties or included in many playdates. He was teased and was the target of some mean boys who picked up on his sensory issues and used them to taunt and bully him on the school playground. He struggled with school work especially when numbers were involved or lengthier reports were required. By the time he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, we … [Read more...]

What is a Book App and Could YOU Create One?

"What is a Book App and Could YOU Create One?" Edition 2 is FREE March 15-19 on Kindle. See how 45 Writers Published their Books as Book Apps... Many people ask me what it means to publish a book as an app. When I made the decision to turn my son's life adventures growing up on the spectrum as a series of children's stories, I chose storybook app over printed book. For me it was an easy decision because it allowed Jonathan the opportunity to use his talents as a voice actor to do the narration. That adds an authenticity and heart that is … [Read more...]

My Post-it Note Proof of Parenting

We love them beyond measure. That’s a given. And no one handed us a “how to” guide or technical manual when they were born. Fortunately, my daughter Molly left me post-it notes which served as my validation 'clues' that I was on the right track with my parenting. Like you, I tapped into that unconditional love and did the best I could to raise my children to be confident, well-adjusted, and self-reliant so they can one day go forth to live with passion and meaning. (Happy to report that they are doing just that.) There are many factors that … [Read more...]