Reaching for the Sky

Today I was lucky enough to speak to Charlie Timbrell an inspirational young man who was diagnosed with autism at age seven, has just achieved his lifelong dream of owning his own hot air balloon! Charlie was keen to explain that in his words: “I felt since I have been become a hot air balloon pilot the only reason is because of my autism, and I would like to be able to tell my story to people who think their dreams won't come true as I know for a fact that mine have come true.” As a child Charlie had a fascination with balloons, their … [Read more...]

Homeschooling My Peg

A little boy's giggle ripples through the house and I smile. At one time my son never laughed and rarely smiled. My son's confidence has come back in abundance since I withdrew him from school and began to home educate him, he was a stammering nervous little boy then. When he first started mainstream reception I was concerned he would not be watched closely and asked for what was then a statement of special needs. He was refused despite having at that time three diagnoses, autism, Expressive Language Disorder and Dyspraxia. Despite my … [Read more...]

Experiencing the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

As an autistic adult I suffer from anxiety if my routines are changed and it can manifest with physical symptoms. Today I was planning for an appointment I had on my schedule for tomorrow. I arranged childcare and my travel route. I planned what to wear and what to dress the children in. I sorted out our fares and looked online at Google Maps to visually see where I was going so I was mentally prepared. I decided to ring up as I often do before any appointment to make sure it was going to happen and it had been cancelled without anyone … [Read more...]

Today I Threw a Carrot Cake

Today I threw a carrot cake. Today I threw a carrot cake. Luckily it was in its box so it was ok. It was a rough week. Early this morning my eldest son went to ask for an autism assessment, the GP declined which means I have to go down there with him and attempt to explain to the doctor what my son was not able to communicate. My daughter had terrible anxiety and vomited as she started her induction week at college today. I asked the local family support library for permission to film an upcoming news interview on their … [Read more...]

How to Help with Meltdowns and Stimming Needs

By Emma Dalmayne, Aspierations and Information After my son was diagnosed with autism then subsequently myself I decided to do this piece for those who's child may be diagnosed with autism or you may only have the suspicion that they are on the spectrum. Apart from concerns about your child's communication and social skills, they may also display self stimulating behaviours and melt downs. These behaviours may display as pacing, rocking, jumping and spinning. They may have oral stims they use to regulate themselves from humming, singing, … [Read more...]