Editorial Team

Meet the members of our editorial team at Geek Club Books:

Jodi MurphyJodi Murphy founded Geek Club Books a charity with an autism education and empowerment mission. She is also the co-founder and advisor for Zoom Autism Magazine, a quarterly digital magazine for the autism community and a regular contributor to The Mighty news media. She has been a freelance marketing specialist for the last 30 years working for clients in a variety of industries, a journalist in the design/luxury lifestyle industry, and co-founder of Nesting Newbies, one of the first independent lifestyle digital magazines. Her most important role and her life’s passion is being the mother of two adult children—one who is on the autism spectrum. Her focus is on affecting change through storytelling and technology. Her dream is a world where those on the autism spectrum are valued and given every opportunity to shine using their talents and abilities.

Lydia Wayman is a young adult autistic writer, speaker, and advocate. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education and M.A. in English and nonfiction writing. She has blogged at Autistic Speaks since 2009, is a Geek Club Books monthly columnist, and has contributed her writing and editing to many other websites, magazines, and books. Lydia is the copy editor for Geek Club Books’ Horrible Hugs autism children’s book. She also speaks at local and national autism events, and her story was featured in the Wall Street Journal and on Good Morning America in 2015. Lydia uses her personal experience and professional knowledge to help parents and teachers find creative solutions to the everyday challenges for autistic kids.

Megan Amodeo is an autistic stay-at-home mom with 3 beautiful daughters, two with autism and one with ADHD. She writes an Autism Insider column for Geek Club Books to share her unique view of the world and be a source of hope. Megan received her Bachelors of Education from Northern Illinois University and has an Illinois Type 10, K-12 degree in special education. She taught At Risk/Special needs Kindergarten, Self-Contained/Multi-Disabled Early Childhood, and Hearing Itinerant K-8. My student population included deaf, hard of hearing, autistic, learning-disabled, behavior disorders, medically fragile, and severely mentally challenged students.

Emma Dalmayne on Geek Club Books for autism

Emma Dalmayne joins Geek Club Books’ Penfriend Project writing from London in the United Kingdom. Emma is an autistic home educating mother who has children on the autism spectrum. She loves expressing herself through the written word, especially sharing her experiences and penning articles that help other families in the autism community. She enjoys multiple sensory play sessions with her children and is an avid campaigner against MMS and mistreatment of autistics.

chloeChloe Rothschild, an autism advocate is a part of Geek Club Books Penfriend Project Team, where she shares her views about the spectrum in her My Autism Outlook column. Chloe is 23 years old, has autism and a visual impairment. In addition to her autism advocacy, she is a popular presenter and writer. Chloe is on the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) advisory board, managing editor of the Autism Research Institute‘s Adults with Autism eBulletin and a young leader for the Autistic Global Initiative.

Shayla Hearn is a mom with a sense of humor who claims to “stumble head first through parenthood and autism.” But we know better…Shayla is a superhero who tackles challenges with a witty pen and brutal honesty—and we laugh, cry, celebrate, and find inspiration in her words. She helps us with our own parental “stumbles.” Shayla has joined our geeky team to share her views of autism and the art of raising happy, healthy children in her My Shaynanigans column.

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