Mighty League Theme Song

I'm unique, I'm a geek by AndyZ

AndyZ_promo_pic Multi-award-winning kindie performing artist, AndyZ, has written and produced the official Mighty League¬†theme song! Inspired by our motto, AndyZ wrote our exclusive “I’m Unique, I’m a Geek” song to be featured in The Mighty League, Vol 1: The Terrible Taunting storybook app.
Full music and lyrics will automatically play when the reader is on the app’s cover, customize, go-to and credits pages. The reader can also choose to have an instrumental loop run while enjoying the app narration or during self-guided reading time.

The Mighty League theme song is an anthem to letting your geek flag fly! In our opinions, being different is cause for celebration, so crank up the sound (unless you have hyperacusis), stand up (c’mon get up off the couch), pull out all your favorite dance moves (we know you’ve got ’em) and groove to this upbeat toe-tapping tune with a self-empowerment message…

Show the world just who you are…cuz you’re a superstar…so shout it near and far with me…I’m unique! I’m a geek!


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