Lydia, Autistic Speaks


Lydia Wayman, autistic speaks, is an autistic young adult from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We’re proud to have her on board as one of our Penfriend Project columnists. In Autistic Speaks, she’ll use her personal experience and professional knowledge to help parents and professionals understand autism through her writing.  Lydia is a devoted cat mom and proud aunt to the cutest baby in the world, as well as a caffeine and Disney addict.  She believes that people are awesome, not despite their differences, but precisely because of them.

I live a different kind of life, but, shouldn’t I expect that, since I have a different kind of brain?  My neurology makes some things harder; that’s okay, because it’s true of any kind of brain wiring.  My wiring also makes some things easier, and so does yours.  The important thing is that we all have a place in this world; we all belong; we’re all awesome, not despite our differences… but precisely because of them.

lydia wayman, autistic speaks

Penfriend ProjectLydia is part of Geek Club Books Penfriend Project – The Autism Byline. What is the Penfriend Project and how will it change your understanding of autism? CLICK HERE to find out.


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