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We’re igniting hearts and opening minds through autism storytelling so all individuals with autism have every opportunity in this world to shine! Our autism charity, Geek Club Books, produces original, creative story apps, webisodes, and digital content to educate children about autism and bring hope to autism families—and we hire autistic individuals to work with us on their creation. We’re addressing two important issues—public awareness/acceptance and autism employment.

Why Should You Care?

Today 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the majority are bullied and isolated in school, something my son (the inspiration behind Geek Club Books) experienced when he was growing up. It doesn’t get any better when they become adults−Socially isolated and marginalized, 90% are unemployed or underemployed. Many are treated as burdens to society when they are capable and just waiting for an opportunity to share their gifts with the world and live productive, meaningful lives. Will you be the catalyst for making that happen?

You Can Shift the Status Quo

autism story appsCan you change how the world views autism? Join our giving community who has already made an impact through their support of our innovative educational programs: Mighty League, Vol. 1: The Terrible Taunting app and curriculum, Mighty League, Vol. 2: The Horrible Hug enhanced e-book and curriculum, and Bluebee TeeVee “Mr. Rogers-like webisode series about autism. Thanks to their generosity, we’ve been able to commission autistic talent—writers, copy editors, voice actors, filmmakers—to work with us on these projects. And we’ve made it easier for teachers to integrate autism awareness into their lesson plans through Autism EDU.

Be One of Our Mighty League of Givers

Together, we can break the stigma and end the misperceptions. Through technology and storytelling we can bring autism into the mainstream and profoundly change the way the world views those with autism for better understanding and connection. Join our mighty league of givers by making a tax-deductible donation to:
Autism Information Station

  • Help us expand our positive autism awareness initiatives
  • Develop creative, entertaining and informative autism story-based programming
  • Hire autistic writers, copy editors, and artists
  • Further develop Autism EDU educational tools for inclusive classrooms

Autism Charity Donation

Volunteer Your Expertise

Do you want to share your talents and expertise to make a difference? We rely on the generosity of professionals who volunteer their expertise so our nonprofit will thrive. Here are some of the awesome individuals who have made a significant contribution by giving their time and talents:

We are in need of experienced volunteers in the areas of marketing, social media, public relations, nonprofit management, operations, and online platforms. Please reach out to us at geekclubbooks [at] gmail [dot] com.

Become a Caring Company

Are you an organization who is looking to reach our audience and also do something for the social good? There are many ways to get involved with our autism mission including sponsorships, product donations, public awareness campaigns, live events, and collaborations. We love our company supporters and share that love on our blog, resource guides, social media, newsletters and at live presentations. Contact us at geekclubbooks [at] gmail [dot] com to discuss.

Shout out for Our Caring Company Supporters!
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