Mighty League 2: Interactive Autistic Hero Comic

Mighty League Autistic Hero Comic
How can this autistic hero comic teach children about autism, acceptance and friendship? The Mighty League, Vol. 2: The Horrible Hug takes our autistic starship captain on a journey to an alien planet…a brand new school…an overwhelming, fear-of-the-unknown experience for any child…amplified when you are on the autism spectrum. But the captain of the U.S.S. Mighty League soon discovers that these alien’s “horrible hugs” are welcoming and a sign of acceptance.

You can get Horrible Hug for FREE (both the boy and girl versions) when you sign up for our free autism community membership. A membership gives you exclusive access to our autism bundle of resources including e-books, apps, a resource guide, educational tools and more. So sign up now and a Horrible Hug is coming your way!

Our first autism story, the Mighty League, Vol. 1: The Terrible Taunting received a Temple Grandin Award for its positive contribution to the autism community. Our intentions for all of our story apps and enhanced e-books is to profoundly change how the world views autism and to make those who are autistic feel welcome and valued.

In addition to the creative team who produced our first story app, we are thrilled to announce that with this enhanced e-book we are also able to hire three additional autistic adults who are contributing their talents!

Written By: Molly Murphy
Edited By: Lydia Wayman
Illustrated By: P-Scott
JMan and Mr. Redge Characters By: Kim Johnson Studios
Narration, JMan, Mr. Redge and Mr. M. Voices By: Jonathan Murphy
Recording and Editing: Elaine Clark, Voice One
Jaycee Voiced By: Dani Bowman
Curriculum By: Jayne Clare, Education Consultant, Teachers with Apps

autism-edu-iconHorrible Hug is part of the Autism EDU collection of innovative educational tools to introduce autism into the classroom. The story is part of Module 2 which covers social and emotional learning, self and peer acceptance and understanding autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Get Mighty League, Vol. 2: The Horrible Hug tools for FREE:

Mighty League 2 Video Story

Mighty League 2 Powerpoint

Mighty League 2 Student Handout

Mighty League 2 Curriculum Guide


Horrible Hug is a True Story

Well, not the aliens in outer space part! But this is the story of Jonathan (who is on the autism spectrum) transferring to new school. He was afraid he’d be bullied again so he tried to stay invisible. His teachers wanted to help him so they came up with “Project Hug.” Every time they saw him he got a big old bear hug! He said he hated it at first but it changed his life. It made him feel safe and more confident. From that point on he wasn’t afraid to try new things. Read more about Jonathan here.

USS Mighty League

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