Our Benefactors



“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Thank you benefactors for your generosity. We are so honored you believe in our autism storytelling for education and empowerment mission and chose to support us. You’ve expanded our opportunities to make a positive impact for the autism community. We will do everything in our power to live up to your philanthropy.


June and Julian Foss Foundation

Donations have been made to Geek Club Books in memory of John Dieball, a husband, father, and grandfather and one of Geek Club Books most generous supporters. He was loved by all.

Visionary ($10,000+)

The Murphy Family Trust

Champion ($5,000+)

Joan and John Dieball

Superhero ($2,500+)

Doris Murphy

Changemaker ($1,000)

Joan Dieball

Leader ($500+)

1520 Realty Associates

Advocate ($250+)

Sharon and Conner Cummings

Friend ($1-$249)

Aidan and Mary Walsh
Andi Jobe
Aimee Miles
Betty Scalf
Bill Joos
Brian Tashima
Breanna DiGiammarino
Carey McCray
Catherine Pascuas, The Autism Show
Christa Dahlstrom, Flummox and Friends
Christina Bolognini
Cynthia Kellogg
Cynthia Litchi
Dani Lencioni
Dedra Chamberlin
Della Duncan
Diana Brito
Diethelm and Deanna Brandt
Donna Edwards
Ed Benoe
Elaine Dai
Erica Lieppman
Evelyn Horng
Fuentes Family
Gina Langford Swain
Gloria Pizzinelli
Hana Shibuya
Heewon Park
Jackie Bryla
Jack Strong
James and Eugenie Corral
James Sullivan, Jamietud
Jean and Lee Phelps
Jennifer O’Toole, Asperkids
Jenni Messner
Jeri DeMartini
JoAnn Buchanan
Judi and Steve Buffington
Karen Beatton
Karen Robertson
Karen Simpson Gardiner
Kathy Smith
Kelly vanSchie
Kimberly Higgins
Kimberly Seitz
Kim Leonoudakis
Lea and Bill Mcintosh
Lyn Healy
Mary Acord
Mary and Keith Stumpp
Megan Amodeo
Michael Linton
Mike Cobb
Nancy and Scott Berndt
Natalie Linton
Paula Powers
Sandy Cerro
Sarah Trautman-Eslinger
S Krogsdale
Shayla Hearn
Shelli Smart, Chewigem USA
Susan Davis
Susan Light
Susan Sullivan, PreLOVED Toys
Susie Fishman
Tom Anderson
Tony Asaro
Trudy Harwell Gray
Walter and Nancy Kirchen


Quote by: John F. Kennedy

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