Penfriend Project: Autism Writers

autism writers

What is the Penfriend Project and how will it enlighten you?

Words. Creative expression. Thought-provoking essays. Personal points of view. The Penfriend Project is our team of autistic blog contributors who have their own monthly columns. We experience ‘autism’ through their own personal narrative about being autistic. When we read their stories and watch their videos, we discover that there are more similarities than differences. Seeking insights into your child’s world. These writers will give you a deeper understanding about life on the spectrum. Their unique ‘voices’ are powerful, uplifting and are changing the world’s view of autism.

Meet our current Penfriend Project autism writers:

Award-winning author, speaker and founder of Asperkids, Jennifer Cook O’Toole endorses the Penfriend Project:

I’m so very grateful for the chances I’m being given and there are so many more autistic writers who deserve the same. Enter Geek Club Books Penfriend Project.

If we truly believe in universal human dignity and equality—of race, religion, gender, sexuality AND neurology, then there is nothing to do BUT to encourage and give audience to the diverse spectrum community. You see, the Penfriend Project isn’t a gift, generously bestowed upon a group of autistic writers. The Penfriend Project is the powerful gift spectrum voices will bestow upon you!


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