Shout Outs

Shout Outs

About The Mighty League App:

A wonderful interactive and customizable storybook app with an important life lesson about stopping bullying. It is based on a real boy, Jonathan Murphy, who is taking on the world with Asperger’s Syndrome. He is the narrator of the app. His sister, Molly, wrote the story. What an amazing pair, a great storybook, and a great background story to share with any child.

Smart Apps for Kids Review

Highly Recommended! 4.75 Stars for Educational, 5 Stars for Originality, and 4.5 Stars Overall…

Digital Storytime

This is an excellent book that promotes awareness of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, encourages acceptance and understanding, and talks about tools that those in the spectrum can use to manage their day. Not to be missed!

The iMums Review

“Then there are apps designed to do even more and to raise awareness around how we are all different, and amazing, individuals. Geek Club Books, a non-profit dedicated to autism awareness education, has a mission to profoundly change the way the world views autism.”

Erin Mastrantonio, Education Elements

“My son and I just  read Mighty League book app on the ipad and it was the hit of the year! We used the male character JMan and it was just like reading a story about my son (who has Asperger’s) but subtle enough on first reading that any child would enjoy it. My son loved finding all the aspects of the app like the notes when he pressed Mr Redge or the conversation bubbles when he pressed the exclamation marks. If he started the conversation too soon it competed with the narration so a brilliant device for helping him to develop conversational turn taking. The story was warm, instantly recognizable to many parents of a young child with Asperger’s and could be read on many levels. The notebook is genius – popping up to explain more about Asperger’s and giving some context for the story – wonderful for teachers, parents and siblings too. What child doesn’t love a story about a superhero with a sidekick but this had every element my son loves. Great for unsure readers too as the narration highlights the word being spoken. Reading and learning made so fun. Can’t wait for the next story!”

Rebecca Hyder, Mom

*****Mighty Powerful! “Bullying is a huge issue in schools right now and I love that there’s something like The Mighty League App that brings attention to the subject AND is on a kids level to help them understand and deal with it.”

Lindsay, The IE Mommy

This is one of my favorite storybook apps I have reviewed for several reasons. The message it sends – that each of us are special in our own way – is a very powerful one and you can never tell kids that enough! Also, the journal is really beneficial for parents to use to show their kids that other people feel awkward at times, nervous, etc., but with certain tools that JMan explains that have helped him – they are able to get through these situations.

Melissa Northway, Author, App Reviewer

“This is a wonderful story in several ways. First, it is a straight forward superhero story that I read with my kids (and they love it). After the first reading, though, we read it again and opened the super secret notebook. The story had an entirely new meaning–it has strong lessons on being different, handling bullying, and Aspergers Syndrome. It is one of my favorite book apps and I highly recommend it. The book is fun with lots of interactive objects, high quality narration with word highlighting, and record your own narration.”

tkwla review on iTunes

“This story is delightful and has a wonderful surprise that makes it so important, especially today. Insightful information (and insider’s look) on what it is like to have Aspergers. Treated with humor and affection. This app is a real find.”

Darjonny review on iTunes

“This is a wonderful and creative book app with stories that not only entertain but also teach some life lessons for all children. I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends with young kids.”

jerid1 review on iTunes

The Mighty League Vol 1 The Terrible Taunting app is at the top of my app list! An incredible storybook app that can be customized for a boy or girl character with Aspergers Syndrome. Share this story with your child or student and open up dialogue regarding what it is like to have Aspergers or be a friend, family member, or classmate of someone with Aspergers. Tolerance, understanding, differences and bullying are topics embedded within this lesson filled storybook app. Features for customizing the built in narration make it even more individualized. The catchy tune can be turned on and off as well as an adjustment for the volume level. Use this app to help facilitate social skills or pragmatic group discussion. The clean, crisp and colorful graphics that are somewhat comic book style will have you engaged from the moment the app opens! I highly recommend this awesomely epic app!


“I’ve been looking forward to this app for awhile now and I am extremely pleased with the awesome story for my aspie daughter! Both my 8 year old and 15 year old have read it and give it 5 stars. Looking forward to more in this series!”

Judith Jamieson, Support 4 Parents with Complex Children

“This first launching from The Mighty League will inspire and empower every child (no matter what age). I am delighted to recommend it. We are reading it again and again…great music and interactive surprises accompany the beautiful artwork and empowering story which will bring the superhero out in every child and parent!! I will be looking forward for what comes next from The Mighty League!!”

Nancy Berndt, Mom

“This is a high-quality, remarkable app that is one of a very short list of apps that engaged both my Asperger son and my special needs daughter. My daughter often feels bullied by her brother’s behavior and she plays this app over and over trying to deal with her feelings. It’s been a wonderful addition to our app collection. Jodi Murphy is a genius!”

Jodi Hobbs, Special Needs Parenting

About Dorktales:

In Dorktales, Jonathan Murphy (a professional voice actor and children’s performer), is joined by his plucky puppet sidekick, Mr. Reginald T. Hedgehog to tell goofier versions of classic tales. I invite you to listen to one of their original, clever, kooky, whimsical, fun, hilarious Dorktales written by Karen Simpson Gardiner who specializes in writing entertaining scripts for family entertainment., Magical Online Library

The 3 Little Hogs?! will delight any child who enjoys silly voices and classic fairy tales with a twist. Appropriately, it’s the “dorky” character who gets to play hero, saving the day using his intelligence and logic. Dorktales carries a positive message for kids, showing that being a bit dorky can be a good thing, not to mention fun.

Matt Friedman, Dude I’m an Aspie

My daughter was so enthralled with Jonathan’s performance that she brought in the Dorktales Storytime CD to share with her class and they were almost finished with the first story when the teacher had to turn it off since the bell rang for end of day. All of the kids had been laughing and when it was turned off they all said, awwww!! She will play it all week 🙂

Tracy, Mom

We have had to listen to Dorktales pretty much non stop! My oldest son has totally fallen in love with it. I tried to pin down what he liked in particular but he just says it is funny. He now knows a lot of the words by heart. And now my two year old is now quoting the story too…you have taken over our house!

Stephanie Arsoska, Storybramble

About Project Heart Touch:

Wonderful! Project Heart Touch is going to be a big hit. I would have done anything to have this a couple of years ago. Thank you too for blazing the trail for all that came after you in the world of autism.

Shayla Hearn, Parenting By the Seat of My Pants

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