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Two years ago I reached out to 25 women inviting them to collaborate on an e-book I entitled Autimisms (rhymes with optimism!). I asked each contributor for their autism hope quote. Read as a collection, these optimistic, hopeful perspectives about autism are inspirational and uplifting, especially for those whose children have just received an autism diagnosis.

It’s time to create Autimisms, Volume 2! If you would like to contribute your autism hope quote, please complete this form no later than April 30, 2015. Your autism hope quote will be credited to you and linked to your blog or Facebook page (if you have either). We produce Autimisms as free e-books for the benefit of the autism community.

Autism Hope Quote Submission

  • Please include the name you would like to have credited with your submission.
  • This will not be shared publicly. We just need it in case we have to contact you.
  • Share something positive about autism, a blessing, how it’s changed your family for the better, how it’s made you a better person or mother, anything! Brevity will have more impact so try to keep it around 4-8 lines.
  • Optional: Please provide either a website or Facebook page you'd like us to link to in the e-book and in the credits published on
  • By sending your submission, you are acknowledging and agreeing to our Submission Terms and Conditions listed below.

Submission Terms and Conditions
You represent and warrant that the submission is your original creation, there are no adverse claims in or to the submission and the submission does not violate any copyright, patent (including design patent), trademark, trade name, or the rights of any third party, and is not otherwise unlawful. You understand that there will be no monetary compensation for your submission.

All submissions are moderated and Geek Club Books shall not be under any obligation to publish your submission. Do not submit confidential information or ideas through the blog as submissions will not be treated as confidential or privileged. You maintain the copyright for your original work and you will be credited as the original author. Making a submission, you authorize Geek Club Books to publish, reproduce, use and disclose your submission to others without restriction.

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