Why Colin Farrell Believes in the Pledge for Inclusion

My memorable evening with Colin Farrell began with an inspiring message of inclusion by Bryan Neider. Bryan was happy at his job as a Senior VP at Electronic Arts, but his 25 years at EA doesn’t begin to compare to the experience he’s having as the CEO of Gatepath. “In joining Gatepath, I saw an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself—to be a part of an organization that has made a remarkable difference in the lives of those in our community for more than 96 years.” Bryan Neider with his Gatepath Ambassadors  From … [Read more...]

The Galactic Power of a Horrible Hug!

How can you help your child overcome the fear of the unknown? This was the question I asked myself when Jonathan was going to start his next school year at a brand new school. Why did we change schools? Well, his first school just wasn’t a good fit for him academically or socially. We didn’t know it at the time, but he was on the autism spectrum and the school just wasn’t geared for those who learned differently. And the students weren’t very accepting of kids who were different. So we found a wonderful school our unique boy—a safe haven … [Read more...]

I Wish the World Was a Comic Con

Bringing together pop-culture and technology, it was about time that Silicon Valley hosted a Comic Con event. If you don’t know what a Comic Con is, where have you been? It began in 1970 when 100 comics, movie and science fiction fans wanted to come together to celebrate what they loved with their like-minded peers. Today, it’s a massive cultural gathering in San Diego attracting over 125,000. It sells out within minutes. People come to see their favorite stars in sci-fi, comics and fantasy genres but more importantly, they come to BE the … [Read more...]

Accepting and Understanding Different

If you ever get a chance to hang with Finley, you may notice that she sometimes "looks" at you peripherally. Particularly when the situation is intense. Doctors have asked us to work with Finley to "let us see her eyes" to help facilitate communication. And this has always bothered me. I fight it every time I hear it. What I want to do instead is ask her, "Finley are you hearing what I am saying?" Because that is what matters most - is she able to listen in that moment. Sure, common social rules dictate that eye contact is a non-verbal form of … [Read more...]

What Happens When They Know but Refuse to Accept Your Autism?

Acceptance, belonging, acknowledgement, these are all words every human being wants to hear in her lifetime. To be a part of something. To belong to a group. To have an identity that others understand. To be embraced. Let's face it, we all need to know that people−our friends, families, coworkers−accept us. No one wants to be an outcast. No one wants to volunteer to sit on the sidelines of life. Unfortunately, for many people, that is exactly the way things happen. Prince Charming doesn't save the day, lost pets aren't always found, … [Read more...]

Steve Carell’s Stunning Revelation

Maybe the coolest people are the ones who don't care about being cool. Maybe I will start a new trend. Perhaps I'm so out, I'm in. Steve Carell's essay on self-acceptance is just plain cool! He goes from trying to avoid nerd, nimrod and goober status to being one of the coolest guys (in cargo pants) on the planet. READ THE ARTICLE Image source: O Magazine … [Read more...]

Everyone Matters Campaign:
The Trucker Poet

Not too long ago, I was making the trek from the San Francisco Bay Area to Orange County. It's a journey I take at least twice a year to visit my family, and this time I was navigating it solo. Those familiar with the roads know it's usually crowded with travelers, many in campers, and huge semi-trucks hauling their loads from Northern California to Southern California, and back again. I'm so use to it that I'm almost on auto-pilot. But this day was different. The day, though in the middle of January, was crisp and sunny. The roads were … [Read more...]