#ReadYourWorld – ABC’s of Adventurous Living and Learning!

Natasha Moulton-Levy and her son Julian English sent me their book, No Limits: No Boundaries! My Journey Through the ABC’s to review for Multicultural Children’s Book Day. I wanted to read a book that was both culturally diverse and featured characters on the autism spectrum. Their book was so much more than I expected…it was a beautiful story scrapbook of a family dedicated to giving their son with special needs every opportunity to live a life of learning, growth and experiences beyond imagination. Unconditional love spills out of every … [Read more...]

Change the Sign, Change the Attitude

By Stephen Morris John was tough, strong, and headed to Afghanistan to fight for his country. He never paid much attention to accessibility issues. That changed after an IED explosion left him partially paralyzed from the waist down. Seven-year-old Crystal was born with a partially formed lower leg and foot. Up until recently, she had spent more than her fair share of time in doctors’ offices and hospitals. But today her world is boundless thanks to her new carbon fiber purple prosthetic leg. Wanda just turned 86 and her body isn’t … [Read more...]