7 Positive Ways to Do Autism Awareness

When will the need for autism awareness end? Never! Even as the public moves towards acceptance and inclusion for those on the spectrum...we will need to continue awareness education. Yes, what we will talk about will change because people will evolve in their understanding. But it's important that we keep the conversations going so we can demystify autism. No, our work as a community is not done. In fact, we are just beginning. Here are 7 positive ways that self-advocates, parents, and educators are spreading autism awareness: Give … [Read more...]

How Will You Make an ‘Acceptance’ Impact?

April is here and in addition to being known for its “showers that bring May flowers,” it’s also when there’s a national spotlight on autism. April Autism Awareness month is not without its controversies as many in the autism community feel it’s time to shift beyond the public’s awareness and emphasize acceptance.  I mean, after decades of a nationwide effort in April, isn’t everyone “aware” of autism by now? What I like about there being a special month devoted to autism awareness, is that the media will more likely cover topics related to … [Read more...]

Seeing the Beauty in Autism

By Darcel White, The Mahogany Way Beauty may not be a word people use when talking about Autism. Living with a child on the spectrum can be challenging at times. Our lives are like the best roller coaster, full of hills and twists and turns, excitement one minute and terrified the next. Finding and seeing the beauty in autism can be hard when your life consists of various therapies, your child only eats four things, doesn't go to sleep until 2am, or wakes at 3am every.single.night. You're sleep deprived, you're doing your part for … [Read more...]

Autism Awareness Month: Using Technology to Tell the Story of Autism

Today kicks of autism awareness month and I was interviewed for the 17th issue of the NTEN: Change journal. The issue focuses on “Digital Inclusion and Technical Divides.” There is a range of perspectives from those at the forefront of bridging the digital divide: schools, libraries, city governments, and nonprofit organizations. We're one of them! Here's the editor's preview of my interview: One in 68 children are diagnosed with autism, and the public’s understanding of autism is shrouded in mystery and misperception, leaving the … [Read more...]

The Autimism Movement!

Scroll down for our giveaway for iPad Mini, Nexus 7 tablet, gift cards and goodies. What is AUTIMISM? According to Elizabeth Roy at the Autism Society... It's being optimistic about the power and potential of those with autism. It's believing we can do anything. It means a positive view of Autism instead of seeing it as an affliction. It's knowing that it's time to do more and demand better of ourselves by moving forward and going from awareness to acceptance, from ignoring to including, from assuming you can't to assuming you can. It's … [Read more...]