Autism Entrepreneurship: Creative Paths to Employment

What's Autism Entrepreneurship? School's over (and not just for the summer) and your child has aged out of services. What's next? And what happens when it comes time for a career? Yes, a career and not just a job but doing work that is meaningful where your child can contribute their talents and abilities to the world. THIS is the question that my friend Sharon Cummings and I have been asking ourselves as our children move into adulthood. And our solution to the lack of job opportunities for our guys? Become entrepreneurs and start our own … [Read more...]

Creative Paths to Employment

It's pretty exciting around Geek Club Books Central these days. Lots of plans are finally coming together for us to get out and meet up with our beloved community and finally be face-to-face with friends we've never had a chance to meet in person. Jonathan and I are leaving for Washington DC where will hook up with the amazing Sharon and Conner Cummings! Sharon and I will be speaking on a panel on July 16th at The ARC of Northern Virginia on "Creative Paths to Employment," where we'll share how we are creating opportunities for our sons to … [Read more...]