Yes She Can and Girl Power on the Autism Spectrum

Business: Yes She Can Inc. Mission: Women with Autism. We work. With you. Yes She Can Inc. helps young women with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) develop transferable job skills and gain greater independence through our intensive coaching program at Girl AGain boutique. What is Yes She Can Inc.? We are a 501c3 nonprofit founded in November, 2013, by Marjorie Madfis, a mother of a daughter with ASD, following her 30-year career in corporate marketing. Marjorie was a pioneer in digital and social media marketing at IBM from where … [Read more...]

What is the Impact of “Old School” Thinking?

It’s been 21 years since my son was in 5th grade, but the memory of what his science teacher did to him is still fresh in my mind. While he was at his first elementary school, we didn’t know he was on the autism spectrum. What we did know was that he had some learning disabilities which made it difficult for him to function in a traditional classroom without extra support. “Old School” Thinking My son loved to learn! But he struggled at a traditional school with teachers who practiced “old school” teaching methods. In 5th grade, more written … [Read more...]

#Impactful Blogs: Learn From Autistics

Learn from Autistics features both practical parenting tips and interviews with people on the autism spectrum. The blog gives parents, caregivers and teachers the experience of reading autistic viewpoints as they try to better serve the autistic children in their lives. Your blog: Learn from Autistics Your City, Country: Granger, Indiana USA What inspired you to write a blog: I first learned about autism when my younger brother was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Growing up with a sibling on the spectrum gave me some insight into the … [Read more...]

Why I’ll Be Forever Grateful to the Inclusive World of Theater

The 2016 Tony Awards opened with an emotional speech by host, James Corden, on behalf of the theater community to speak out about the hateful shooting in Orlando. “Hate will never win. Together we have to make sure of that.” I have long admired and adored the theater community—especially the creative forces who write, perform, and direct shows that celebrate and honor the rich diversity of humanity. Through my experience, I have found the theater community to be inclusive and accepting of people who are outside society’s norms, including … [Read more...]

An Enjoyable Journey Through Autism!

Dr. Sharon Mitchell, a mom to an adult son with autism, has worked in schools as a teacher, counselor and consultant for over 30 years. Her Master’s and Doctorate degrees focused on autism and she has shared her insights with thousands through workshops and seminars across the country. Sharon has co-authored the Amazon bestseller, The Official Autism 101 Manual, but it’s her “School Daze” series that caught my attention. She wanted to use storytelling instead of scientific journals as a way to help people understand autism. Each of her books in … [Read more...]

Living, Loving and Laughing with Aspergers

Dave Angel has worked with children, adults and families with a variety of differences for over 20 years in the social care field. In the past 10 years he has been supporting parents of children with Aspergers online through his Parenting Aspergers Community, blog,  and, more recently, his daily email tips to parents. He recently released a free e-book, Living, Loving and Laughing with Aspergers. Tell us about your book. It’s a collection of short stories which all relate to parenting children with Aspergers. They are –hopefully - … [Read more...]

Discover Unique and Amazing Women on the Autism Spectrum

Tania A. Marshall is the author of two best-selling books, popular speaker and has an extremely busy private practice. She works with individuals across the lifespan with all types of individuals including professional singers, actors/actresses, dancers, performing artists, gifted and talented individuals, twice-exceptional (2e), autism or Asperger Syndrome, highly sensitive people, individuals with savants skills and high-profile individuals. She works with individuals across the lifespan.  After I Am AspienGirl® was released in June 2014, … [Read more...]

From Fear to Victories in One Middle School Year

By Mama Chewi What a difference a year makes. Haven’t we all heard that cliché too many times to count? In the course of normal living, subtle changes generally come and go…unrecognized and uncelebrated in favor of waiting for something bigger to happen. Something that is sure to have meaning and leave a forever impression. It is when we get caught up in this waiting that we lose sight of the broader, more important picture and forget to take note of the little things that lead to great victories. Our house has had some great victories … [Read more...]

Roy Dias, Asperger Author of Sci-Fi Aspean Series

Editor's Note: Make sure you read to the end to get a free copy of Roy's first book! Roy Dias has Aspergers Syndrome. He’s also a husband, a father to two sons with Aspergers, and a teacher at a school that teaches English as a second language. Oh, and Roy is an author whose books are promoting autism awareness and acceptance. Aspeans: The Beginning and Aspeans: The Invasion are, as you can probably guess from the titles, sci-fi tales but what makes them stand out from others in that genre are his Asperger protagonists. Entertaining and … [Read more...]

How to Help with Meltdowns and Stimming Needs

By Emma Dalmayne, Aspierations and Information After my son was diagnosed with autism then subsequently myself I decided to do this piece for those who's child may be diagnosed with autism or you may only have the suspicion that they are on the spectrum. Apart from concerns about your child's communication and social skills, they may also display self stimulating behaviours and melt downs. These behaviours may display as pacing, rocking, jumping and spinning. They may have oral stims they use to regulate themselves from humming, singing, … [Read more...]