Find Empathy and Acceptance in ‘No One Needed to Know’

Donna Driver is an author primarily of young adult and middle grade novels and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She likes to write about diverse characters dealing with social or environmental issues. She’s won two awards for the environmental themes in her novel Cry of the Sea, the first of her YA fantasy series The Juniper Sawfeather Novels. Her novel No One Needed to Know is a story about empathy and acceptance with autism themes; something she has firsthand experience with. Donna is a teacher at a … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Autistic Authors and Their Stories

Here's a round up of some wonderful autistic authors...the books they've written and the stories they've told! If you didn't catch their interviews the first time around, make sure you take a few minutes to click and read. You'll leave I'm confident you'll find some great books to add to your wish list. Children's Books Colin Eldred-Cohen Colin puts his creative and active mind towards storytelling. The Fire Truck Who Got Lost is his first children's book. It certainly won't be his last! Darius Brown Darius is an … [Read more...]

The Remarkable Courage of “Being Seen”

Anlor Davin is an autistic French woman and Zen student. Medication opened the door for friendships, purpose and self-discoveries that have helped her thrive. This fall she will be leading a monthly meditation group in San Rafael, California to help others on the spectrum find their Zen. Anlor has just released the story of her life in Being Seen, Memoir of an Autistic Mother, Immigrant, and Zen Student. Tell us about your book, Being Seen. The book is my memoir, about me a French woman with autism struggling not only to be seen, but to … [Read more...]

An Enjoyable Journey Through Autism!

Dr. Sharon Mitchell, a mom to an adult son with autism, has worked in schools as a teacher, counselor and consultant for over 30 years. Her Master’s and Doctorate degrees focused on autism and she has shared her insights with thousands through workshops and seminars across the country. Sharon has co-authored the Amazon bestseller, The Official Autism 101 Manual, but it’s her “School Daze” series that caught my attention. She wanted to use storytelling instead of scientific journals as a way to help people understand autism. Each of her books in … [Read more...]

‘Beyond Rain Man’ Shines a Light on Autism

Anne K. Ross is the pen name for an award-winning writer and school psychologist with three decades of experience working in public schools in Northern California. Her latest book, Beyond Rainman, has been endorsed by NY Times best-selling authors on autism-related topics including Temple Grandin, Graeme Simsion, and Tony Attwood, Ph.D. Anne lets the reader take a peek behind her professional side on a more personal journey about her own family's autism experience. Tell us about your book, "Beyond Rain Man." Although one child in 68 is … [Read more...]

On the Edge of Gone: Whose Lives Matter Most?

Corinne Duyvis was born, raised and currently living in Amsterdam. She's the author of Otherbound, a young adult fantasy novel that received rave reviews. Her latest book, On the Edge of Gone, is a young adult science fiction novel released this March and is also racking up the accolades. Both are published by Amulet Books, an imprint of ABRAMS. I first "virtually" met Corinne when I interviewed her about Disability in Kidlit, a website she co-founded with author Kody Keplinger which discusses the portrayal of disabled characters in children’s … [Read more...]