Non-Verbal Autistic Boy is at the Heart of a Debut Novel

It’s been a whirlwind of excitement for author, Jem Lester, whose novel Shtum has just been released by The Overlook Press. His journey started when he won the City University/PFD Prize for Fiction in 2013 for Shtum which he wrote for an MA in Creative Writing at City University. He was immediately signed with an agent at Peters, Fraser and Dunlop. Jem began his MA at 45, after decades of writing, because “I felt I needed the mentoring. Plus, I wanted to test out my fading belief that I was a good enough writer to be published. Thankfully, … [Read more...]

How Did the Autism Society Conference Inspire Me?

There have been 46 previous Autism Society conferences but number 47 in New Orleans was my first. What a gathering! The hallways were filled with people—professionals, families, autistic individuals—who were ready to learn and network. I enjoyed the exchange of ideas and being able to meet so many amazing people face-to-face. I learned what many autistic individuals are accomplishing and felt inspired. I listened to the ways families are creating their own opportunities for their children and felt inspired. I discovered professionals, … [Read more...]

Make a Wish For Me: One Mother’s Autism Story

LeeAndra Chergey is a mother first, then wife, and now she can add author. Writing has been her dream since she was in the second grade. "After procrastinating on a report on the bumblebee, I quickly wrote up a paragraph and turned it in. The next day the teacher held up my paper and said to the whole class I had received an A+! It was at that moment I thought, ‘wow, that was easy, I want to be a writer’." She always knew she had a book in her. It was just finding the inspiration to get it out. After graduating, working in the corporate … [Read more...]

It’s an Autism Thing…I’ll Help You Understand

Emma Dalmayne is a mother to six  childen. "Some are diagnosed while others are not but all are gloriously neurodiverse," says Emma who home educates the youngest two, one of who has complex special needs. Emma began writing a year ago and found the reaction from her readers to be very positive. She writes a monthly column her on Geek Club Books and has also been published on The Mighty, Autism Daily Newscast, Special Needs Jungle and Autistic Spectrum Digest. She's found her passion for helping and educating parents and professionals about … [Read more...]

How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler

Natasha Daniels has been a child therapist for fifteen years with a specialty in anxiety and toddler mental health. Over the years she grew frustrated that there were no available parenting books that solely addressed anxiety in very young children. Having anxious children herself, she grew passionate about providing a resource to fill in the gap. "Anxiety looks so different in young children – it is often misdiagnosed or missed completely. Writing How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler has fueled my passion to provide ongoing support and … [Read more...]

Curious Interviews 2015: Authors, Autism, Inspirations, Oh My!

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. Maya Angelou In 2015, our curiosity took us to places beyond our imaginations. We discovered people of passion and compassion. We learned about ourselves and others through literature, personal stories, and from those who are doing good works. Here is a recap of the amazing interviews we published in 2015: [Tweet "Read @geekclubbooks 2015 curious interviews with authors, changemakers, entrepreneurs for … [Read more...]

Discover Unique and Amazing Women on the Autism Spectrum

Tania A. Marshall is the author of two best-selling books, popular speaker and has an extremely busy private practice. She works with individuals across the lifespan with all types of individuals including professional singers, actors/actresses, dancers, performing artists, gifted and talented individuals, twice-exceptional (2e), autism or Asperger Syndrome, highly sensitive people, individuals with savants skills and high-profile individuals. She works with individuals across the lifespan.  After I Am AspienGirl® was released in June 2014, … [Read more...]

Asperkids are Awesome!
Interview with Jennifer Cook O’Toole
Role Model of Hope

I’m a huge anglophile and can tell you, in order, about every British monarchy since the early ages. I’ve seen every Dr. Who episode, and can recite lines from every Harry Potter movie from memory. Should I keep going? Yeah, I’m a total geek. I was already captivated by Asperkids founder, Jennifer Cook O’Toole , and what she’s manage to create in just over a year…but to proclaim her ‘geek’ so enthusiastically? I’m hooked! Jennifer had no plans to write a book or start a company, but felt called to duty when several clinicians told her … [Read more...]