One Autistic Artist Dreams About “What Autism Really Is”

Last summer, we shared Diego Raf Diaz's story, an autistic artist with a dream to create an animated film. His first attempt at fundraising wasn't successful but Diego's determination to make his film still burns bright! If we, as an autism community rally around him and support his efforts...we can make his dream come true. Diego wants to use his talent as an animator to tell the real stories of autistic people. He's calling it, "What Autism Really Is." Diego was diagnosed with autism at an early age. He says that watching videos had a huge … [Read more...]

Make a Promise to Yourself

By Becca Lory, CAS When I was given the opportunity to write this blog, I thought to myself, “great, another blog by another adult with autism.” With so many fabulous blogs out there by autistics, why would anyone read mine? What would make this blog different? What would make people want to read my posts and, moreover, what would keep me writing them? I decided I would follow my inner author and wait for the writing gods to send me a muse. And man, did the idea come. One of the things I have worked on intently since my diagnosis five … [Read more...]

What Do Bees Have to Do with Autism?

By Megan Amodeo Bees are really extraordinary creatures. Sure they can sting you, but they also make honey. They buzz around pollinating flowers and fruits with tiny wings that shouldn't be able to support their body weight. They shouldn't be able to fly, but they do it every day. Bees also live in colonies. They work together to achieve a common goal. You might be thinking this seems like a bunch of random facts about bees. Shouldn't I be telling you something about autism? Funny you should ask. With spring hopefully just around the corner, … [Read more...]

Why Autism Gives Me the Strength to Fly!

By Megan Amodeo In just a few short days I will turn the chapter and enter year number 44 of my life. It has been 8 years since two of my three children were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. It has been 8 years since I was also deemed as an autistic mom, wife and woman. I started to think about all the things in my life that have changed or been altered by our autism diagnoses. I honestly felt a huge sense of relief the moment my daughters were diagnosed. That may sound strange to typical parents, but I have never been typical. I … [Read more...]

My Life-changing Second Awakening of Truth

By Rochelle Johnson The air around me is suddenly crisp and clear and real and natural. I can taste it anew. Taste it in a way I don’t think I ever have before. Every drop of morning dew and a blade of grass, each little squawk of birdsong, is fresh and new and more real than it has ever been. I’ve undergone an awakening. An awakening of sorts that is so incredibly momentous that it is so almost impossible to put it into words. And yet, there is a word for it, there is even a word for the time of life I am in, there is even a sentence to … [Read more...]

Haley Moss: “Different Isn’t Bad and It Isn’t Less”

Haley, I don’t know where to begin! You do so many things…artist, author and autism advocate. Why don’t we start by having you share what it was like growing up on the autism spectrum. Growing up on the spectrum for me has always been a positive experience. When I was younger, I never thought something was wrong with me or that I was different. There’s a common thread that kids with autism are aware that they’re different, or their peers think they are weird. But…I thought I was the cool one and everyone else was weird! Autism has never been … [Read more...]

This is Some Village!

Last week I went to OCALICON, which is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) annual autism conference in the country. It's one of the best things I do all year. I got to speak three times this year, including my first big solo session…90 minutes presenting to mostly professionals about how their language around autism affects the kids who are hearing it. I also spoke on a panel as part of the AGI Young Leaders with my amazing advocate friends. The third day, I spoke with a dear friend and mentor to a smaller group about medical … [Read more...]

Be Patient and Listen to All Forms of Communication

Chloe Rothschild gives us a glimpse into her world as she asks us to "be patient and listen, not just to spoken words, but to all words, all forms of communication." I'm speaking/ presenting at the ASA conference on communication. It is a topic I really want people to understand. It's a topic that I myself didn't understand for so long. If I am so articulate, and so verbal, why, how could it possibly be so hard to get words out, and thoughts into words? Why can I write or type but not say it? People have asked me, just tell me, and then … [Read more...]

Curious Interviews in 2014
Authors, Autism, Inspiration, Oh My!

We can learn to see each other and see ourselves in each other and recognize that human beings are more alike than we are unalike. Maya Angelou In 2014, our curiosity led us down the 'yellow brick road' to better understanding about ourselves and each other. We learned through literature, personal stories, and from those who are doing good works. Here is a recap of the amazing interviews we published in 2014: [Tweet "Read @geekclubbooks 2014 curious interviews featuring authors, changemakers, entrepreneurs doing good work for … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Day: Jodi Murphy

No flowers. No candy. No brunch. I’m not a fan of what I like to call the “Hallmark Card” days as they seem forced and insincere. But I do love being a mother and a wife. My family is essential to my well-being and I celebrate them every, single day. Some days are stand outs and a ‘dream’ mother’s day would start with a hike with my son, a chance to hear his latest thoughts and insights—I just adore his Asperger brain and point of view! Then we’d meet up with my husband and daughter for a homemade ‘American’ breakfast, meaning the full … [Read more...]