Can Your Child Benefit from a Snug Vest ‘Hug’?

My son Jonathan was walking through the exhibitor area at Autism Society's Conference when he spotted "Snug Vest." He struck up a conversation with the inventor, Lisa Fraser, and couldn't wait to tell me about it. Lisa used to work with kids on the spectrum in classrooms and she was inspired to develop a more practical, stylish alternative to weighted vests. Jonathan loved her invention so I interviewed Lisa to find out more about it. Before we find out more about the Snug Vest, will you describe how deep pressure can help those on the … [Read more...]

The Galactic Power of a Horrible Hug!

How can you help your child overcome the fear of the unknown? This was the question I asked myself when Jonathan was going to start his next school year at a brand new school. Why did we change schools? Well, his first school just wasn’t a good fit for him academically or socially. We didn’t know it at the time, but he was on the autism spectrum and the school just wasn’t geared for those who learned differently. And the students weren’t very accepting of kids who were different. So we found a wonderful school our unique boy—a safe haven … [Read more...]

#ImpactfulBlogs: Anxious Toddlers

Natasha Daniels Anxious Toddlers website is dedicated to all things toddler and beyond. You can turn to her blog for laughs, support and guidance about raising children of all ages with special love and attention to those who have anxious children. Your blog: Anxious Toddlers Your City, Country: Arizona, USA What inspired you to write a blog: To be completely honest – I didn’t even know much about what a blog was a year ago! My book on how to parent anxious toddlers was about to be released and I read it would be good to have a blog. I … [Read more...]

How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler

Natasha Daniels has been a child therapist for fifteen years with a specialty in anxiety and toddler mental health. Over the years she grew frustrated that there were no available parenting books that solely addressed anxiety in very young children. Having anxious children herself, she grew passionate about providing a resource to fill in the gap. "Anxiety looks so different in young children – it is often misdiagnosed or missed completely. Writing How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler has fueled my passion to provide ongoing support and … [Read more...]

Experiencing the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

As an autistic adult I suffer from anxiety if my routines are changed and it can manifest with physical symptoms. Today I was planning for an appointment I had on my schedule for tomorrow. I arranged childcare and my travel route. I planned what to wear and what to dress the children in. I sorted out our fares and looked online at Google Maps to visually see where I was going so I was mentally prepared. I decided to ring up as I often do before any appointment to make sure it was going to happen and it had been cancelled without anyone … [Read more...]

Finding Help for Anxiety and Sensory Issues

In the last episode of 'Tud' Sense, Aspergian James Sullivan talked about his struggles with anxiety. We received this comment from a loving and desperate mom who has a son suffering with anxiety and sensory issues: "I am mom of 25 year old high functioning, singularly due to above average IQ, young adult son who has suffered terribly with anxiety and sensory issues. He used drugs at 16, significant drugs, and has been in and out of detox and hospitals since. He must get access to help. He is currently incarcerated for stealing and I am … [Read more...]

Autism and Anxiety

In this episode of 'Tud' Sense, Aspergian James Sullivan talks about his struggles with anxiety. He understands that autism and anxiety are common companions: I have been on a bit of an anxiety trip as of late. And seeing as anxiety and autism are very closely related, that would make a lot of sense why I get the jitters more than other people. He talks about the three things that helped him get through his latest bout: chamomile tea omega 3 acids Vitamin D through sunshine [Tweet "Anxiety and autism - why I get the jitters more … [Read more...]