10 Awesome Autistic Authors and Their Stories

Here's a round up of some wonderful autistic authors...the books they've written and the stories they've told! If you didn't catch their interviews the first time around, make sure you take a few minutes to click and read. You'll leave inspired...plus I'm confident you'll find some great books to add to your wish list. Children's Books Colin Eldred-Cohen Colin puts his creative and active mind towards storytelling. The Fire Truck Who Got Lost is his first children's book. It certainly won't be his last! Darius Brown Darius is an … [Read more...]

That’s My DJ: A Family’s Journey with Autism

I virtually met Cindy on our Geek Club Books Facebook community where she talked about becoming an author: My journey with DJ hasn't always been easy but as my husband Michael and I wrote this book, I was able to look at some of the highlights of my life and began to feel blessed by all that we have accomplished. I hope our book encourages others to share their journey and continue to strive for the best. I NEVER thought in a million years that I would see my son on the front page of a book...Or that my name would be on the title as the … [Read more...]

Haley Moss: “Different Isn’t Bad and It Isn’t Less”

Haley, I don’t know where to begin! You do so many things…artist, author and autism advocate. Why don’t we start by having you share what it was like growing up on the autism spectrum. Growing up on the spectrum for me has always been a positive experience. When I was younger, I never thought something was wrong with me or that I was different. There’s a common thread that kids with autism are aware that they’re different, or their peers think they are weird. But…I thought I was the cool one and everyone else was weird! Autism has never been … [Read more...]